The Denver Broncos' chances of making the 2016/17 NFL playoffs are not good. The Broncos were idle on Saturday, December 24th however management with the team were no doubt paying close attention to the scoreboards. The result that saw the Miami Dolphins win was a bad one for Denver as it means the Broncos must go 2-0 for the balance of the season and then hope for other results to go their way as well. The defending Super Bowl champions are by no means in control of their destiny.

Denver can stay their execution

However, Denver are in a position to stay in contention for another week if they can defeat the Kansas City Chiefs on Christmas Day.

That would see Denver improve to 9-6 on the season and it would leave the Broncos looking up at Miami and KC at 10-5. After securing a victory in that game, one that will be tough to win in Kansas City, Denver would need to beat the Oakland Raiders in Week 17. That result is probably a little easier to get given that Oakland lost Derek Carr in Week 16, their starting quarterback.

The Baltimore Ravens are also in the Wild Card mix. Denver fans definitely want to see the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Ravens on Christmas. If the Ravens, who are 8-6 right now, get to 10-6 then it adds complications. In fact Pittsburgh winning in Week 16 against Baltimore and then losing in Week 17 is optimal as well as a 10-6 Raven team complicates things for Denver too.

The Broncos also want the Patriots to beat the Miami Dolphins in Week 17, a result that is not too much to ask for given everything that New England have accomplished this season. But the 'big ask' is that Denver want the San Diego Chargers to beat the KC Chiefs in Week 17.

But even if Denver go 2-0 to finish 10-6, there is a pretty good chance that they will not make the post-season.

With Saturday over, Denver's chances do not look good at all. According to the New York Times simulator, the Broncos make the playoffs in 5% of scenarios now (see Tweet below). But the matter at hand is Sunday's game: if Denver tie KC or lose to the Chiefs then that will mathematically eliminate them from Wild Card contention.

Denver fans can focus on that game and then look at the scenarios afterward.

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