Conor McGregor is now officially a professional boxer. The UFC star has been granted a boxing license by the California State Athletic Commission on December 1st. The Irishman is now one step closer to a potential mega-showdown with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

The two fighters have been engaging in verbal warfare for over a year now, calling each other out. The suprising rivalry by two athletes who don't even compete in the same sport has been sparkling passionate debate among fans and observers alike. Indeed, while it remains highly unlikely that McGregor would ever defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr.

in a boxing match, the Irishman's charisma has been enough to skew global perception. In fact, he thus far has accomplished stunning achievements in the sport of mixed martial arts, and one can't help but wonder what would happen if he could carry his determination and unique personality out in the boxing ring. Plus, the "MMA vs. Boxing" debate has been a hot topic since the inception of MMA.

A fantasy fight?

A fight between the two legends is far from being a done deal, though. The UFC still exclusively owns the promotional rights for McGregor's combat sports career and it is highly doubtful that they would ever let him get into a boxing ring. The world's largest MMA organization does not have a history of co-promoting fights and even if they did so it would be risky for them.

What happens if McGregor loses? His brand would be damaged, something the UFC wants to avoid at all costs. The Irishman is by far the biggest MMA (and by extension, UFC) star ever and is the company's most profitable fighter, thus it is easy to see why the UFC is reluctant to let him fight in another organization, let alone in another sport alltogether.

Conor McGregor wants to keep making history

Still, McGregor's decision to apply for a professional boxing license is intriguing, to say the least. The star made history at the UFC 205 event in New York's Madison Square Garden on November 12 by utterly dismantling Eddie Alvarez, thus becoming the first MMA fighter to simultaneously hold two world titles in different divisions (Featherweight and Lightweight); the UFC made him relinquish his Featherweight strap on November 26, though.

The Irishman is bent on breaking new records and reaching new milestones, so a potential bout against Floyd Mayweather, Jr, although fairly far-fetched, should not be ruled out just yet.

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