In what was one of the scarier moments for NHL hockey last season, Brandon Manning of the Philadelphia Flyers and Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers seemingly got tangled in a game that was played in Edmonton. The result of the play was that McDavid ran hard into the end boards, he broke his collarbone, and he would miss three months of play. The injury was central to McDavid not winning the Calder Memorial Trophy as the only real knock against his performance was that he only played half a season.

McDavid claimed Manning claimed it was on purpose

On Thursday, the Edmonton Oilers were in Philadelphia in a game that they lost to the Flyers 6-5.

McDavid performed a post-game interview on Oilers TV, one where he faced a barrage of questions regarding the Edmonton loss. One question that he faced had to do with facing Philadelphia again, a team that still had Manning on the club.

"I did all I could defending him last year in the media," Connor McDavid stated in regard to the 2015 injury. "Everyone wanted to make a big deal saying he did it on purpose, and he wanted to say some comments today about what went on last year. I thought it was one of the [most] classless things I've ever seen on the ice. He said some things, and our guys responded accordingly. I guess we can put the whole 'if he did it on purpose' thing to rest because what he said out there kind of confirmed that."

Connor McDavid speaks on December 8th

It seems unlikely to me that 'Maestro' McDavid is putting words in Manning's mouth, simply because the Edmonton captain has otherwise commented favorably about Manning.

A plausible motive for making the story up is in fact hard to find or imagine. However, there is a question of 'trash talk': it's possible that Manning made the statements and was speaking poorly about McDavid just to get into his head. If that is the case then Manning has made a huge mistake simply he just made an enemy out of the game's best future talent.

McDavid is going to be believed here by a lot and that could mean that Manning is going to become the next Todd Bertuzzi. Fair or not, that in turn could have a major negative impact on the Flyers' career. It might only be a few years before McDavid, who is already among the favorites for league MVP, is clearly the best hockey players in the world with obvious implications for league favoritism and favoritism from Canadian national hockey organizations.

You don't want to make enemies with the future league darling and I can definitely see Manning, who is also Canadian, losing out a lot over this.

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