After initially facing an indefinite suspension, the charge filed against Carlton Bragg Jr. for a domestic incident with his girlfriend has been dropped. The forward did not play this past weekend when the Kansas Jayhawks faced the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

The charges

Bragg Jr. was initially charged with a misdemeanor after a reported assault against his girlfriend, allegations which she called into emergency services during the incident. The Douglas County District Attorney's Office was the party that dropped the investigation after they discovered a surveillance video of the incident.

The initial charge came about because it was believed Bragg Jr.

had shoved his girlfriend down a flight of stairs. The surveillance video, however, shows that Bragg Jr. was acting in self-defense after his girlfriend had him in the chest several times and attempted to put her hands near his neck. In response, he shoved her, which caused her to fall down the flight of stairs.

There is no immediate news as to whether the suspended Bragg Jr. will be invited back to the Basketball team after the charge was dropped.

Kansas playing career

Bragg Jr. was a much-hyped prospect coming to Kansas, given the charge of bringing glory to a program that is expected to compete for a national championship and Big 12 title every season. He was a five-star prospect out of Cleveland, Ohio and was expected to enter the NBA Draft last season after averaging 3.8 points per game due to his athletic ability.

His status on the Kansas basketball team had already dropped before the alleged incident, though. He earned five starts this season, but was beginning to fall out of favor with coach Bill Self due to a lack of execution. The team has also started to emphasize a smaller and faster lineup in the past few games, which leaves Bragg Jr.

without a role. The 20-year old sophomore is averaging 7.8 points and 5.4 rebounds per game this season.

The Kansas Jayhawks play again, with or without Bragg Jr., on Saturday against the Davidson Wildcats.

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