The NBA’s Boston Celtics received a scare on Saturday while traveling for a match against the Oklahoma City Thunder. According to the Boston Globe and other News media outlets, police were notified of a bomb threat around 4:00 p.m. CST. Fortunately, the team landed safely at Oklahoma City’s Will Rogers World Airport. The players were instructed to leave their bags on the plane and proceed to the hotel. After everyone exited the plane, authorities executed a bomb search and found no explosives or other devices. Celtics forward Jae Crowder tweeted that he had never experienced a bomb threat scare before but was glad they were all okay.

While this is shaping up to be a foolish hoax, the FBI was still investigating as late as Saturday night. FBI special agent Terry Weber informed the Herald that the Oklahoma City police department contacted his agency, stating that they had received a call about a bomb being on the Celtics’ aircraft. Weber said local FBI agents, Oklahoma City police officers, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the fire department, and EMSA ambulance service responded to the incident.

Unexpected terror in mid-air had some passengers on edge

Team spokesman Jeff Twiss, who was also on-board the flight, said the frightening call was made while they were actually in the air but only a select few of those on-board knew about it.

Their plane touched down as planned around 5:45 p.m. CST and without the need for executing an emergency landing. Agent Weber also said they do not know where the threat originated but the FBI was still looking into it. They are not sure if the call came from within the United States or from another country.

Crime and punishment is likely in order since this matter will not be taken lightly

Weber assured the Herald that the FBI takes this seriously because hoax or not, it is a federal crime to call in a bomb threat. It is something that can be prosecuted. Hopefully, frayed nerves are calmed and will remain calm.

The Boston Celtics play the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday.

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