The Boston Celtics have started the season with a pretty disappointing record of 13-12 in the NBA Eastern Conference. The team has not been living up to expectations despite the big free agent signing of power forward/center Al Horford in the offseason. Some speculate that general manager Danny Ainge may pull off a blockbuster trade to right the ship in order to save Boston's season.

Celtics to add superstars to roster

Ainge had already stated before the season that if there is a plausible trade they can execute that will make them contenders he will go for it. The Celtics have plenty of trade assets that would definitely entice most teams that are looking to make a deal.

They have first round picks in 2017 and 2018 via the Brooklyn Nets and also have valuable pieces such as Marcus Smart, Jonas Jerebko, Amir Johnson, and Isaiah Thomas.

The consensus around the league is that Boston will make a major move before the trade deadline to ensure the team will be competing at a very high level once the season winds down so that they can lock up a good seed in the NBA playoffs and possibly home-court advantage. There are several teams interested in what Boston can offer through a trade so it's not that far-fetched for the Celtics to look like a completely different franchise in the coming months.

Boston forming new "Big Three"?

The Celtics could be following a blueprint from their last championship squad by teaming three superstars together.

It worked in 2008 when they won the NBA title with all-stars Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett. Boston has its eyes on star point guard John Wall and one of the best two way players in the NBA in Paul George. Those two players along with new acquisition Al Horford and starting shooting guard Avery Bradley would form an outstanding core that would be able to immediately compete for a championship.

They would become one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference and could possibly even rival the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers as far as talent goes.

The proposed trade between the Washington Wizards, Indiana Pacers, and the Celtics would send Amir Johnson, Isaiah Thomas, and a 2018 first round pick from Boston to Washington.

The Pacers would get Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart, Jonas Jerebko, and a 2017 first round pick from Boston. The Celtics would then in return get the two stars they desperately need in John Wall and Paul George. If this blockbuster trade scenario goes through, we could be seeing the beginning of another Celtic Dynasty.

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