Wednesday night, the second qualifier match for next week's #1 contenders fatal 4-way match was No Way Jose vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas. With the Nakamura vs Samoa Joe feud over, a new contender is needed. This would be a pivotal match for Almas, who has not made a habit of winning many matches at all.

Andrade vs. No Way Jose

This was not the result I assumed was going to take place here. Jose went on offense first and looked to be turning the match into something of a comedy bout. Almas countered and went on offense, just kind of wearing Jose down with holds. They only exchanged bouts of offense twice.

The outline of the match was basically: Jose with the early offence.- Almas counters and wears Jose down with boring stuff.- Jose gets back on offense and lands a whole bunch of moves. - Jose hits his pop-up forearm smash he calls the "TKO", but only gets a 2-count- Almas gets up, hits an inverted Russian leg-breaker DDT combo and gets the 3-count.

Neither guy got more than 2 spurts of offense, and each guy only landed one big move each. Almas kicked out of the big move that No Way Jose landed, but Jose didn't kick out of the big move that Almas landed.

Where does Andrade go from here?

Andrade "Cien" Almas is the former La Sombra from CMLL Lucha Libre in Mexico. He was a legend there, and expectations were high that he would get over in NXT.

He hasn't, not by a long shot.

In Mexico, he was under a mask, though it isn't quite the lack of a mask that has been his problem in NXT. His character wears suspenders and a feather in his hat. Even Triple H admitted shortly after the character's debut that perhaps a chance of wardrobe is in order for the character.

But then Almas scored a clean victory this week over No Way Jose. This would lead one to believe that WWE management still feels there is hope for the character, at least for a few more matches at least. One would still have to consider Bobby Roode the favorite to earn the next NXT championship bout however.

As for No Way Jose, the loss this week doesn't bode well for his position on the roster. Jose runs the risk of being dubbed a "low card comedy" wrestler. If he continues to lose like he did this week, there is a good chance that is exactly what he will be considered.

Consider that should Almas be victorious in the fatal 4-way next week it would set up an NXT Championship match against Shinsuke Nakamura. For years, Almas was considered one of the greatest stars in Mexico, at the same time Nakamura was considered the same in Japan. That would certainly make for a great main event for NXT to tour those same areas with on the house show circuit.

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