Alan Jouban may be a part-time male model when he isn't fighting, but don't let his looks fool you, he is as intelligent a fighter as anyone else in the UFC. He demonstrated that Saturday night in Sacramento with an impressive win over rising star Mike Perry.

Perry came into the fight as the favorite, and with a lot of buzz surrounding him. Heading into his fight with Jouban, Perry had knockout wins in his first two UFC fights at UFC 202 and 204 earlier this year. If Perry could have taken out a UFC vet like Jouban to go 3-0 in his first year in the UFC, it would have put him in a position to challenge a ranked opponent in his next bout.

Jouban wasn't going to let that happen, however.

Alan Jouban vs. Mike Perry

This was a bout between a well-rounded and intelligent veteran (Jouban) and a young, powerful knockout artist on the rise (Perry). You could tell early that Perry was cocky and not worried about his opponent's attack. That changed when Jouban started to land combinations.

Perry did manage to wobble Jouban a few times throughout the fight, but for the most part Jouban was too elusive for him. Jouban landed a solid knock down on Perry with time running out in the second round, which was probably his most significant offense throughout the bout. Basically Jouban was the more effective striker, though Perry was never in any real danger of being finished.

What's next for Alan Jouban?

Jouban should be in a position to challenge a ranked opponent in his next bout. There was a lot of hype behind Perry coming into this bout, so Jouban should get a chance against an opponent ranked higher than him in his next bout. In theory, anyway. He has gone for 6W-2L in his UFC career, and 15W-4L total.

At 35 years of age, if he wants to make it to the upper echelon of the division, he's going to need to fight some big name guys soon. This was his 3rd win in a row. He also went 3W-0L in 2016.

What's next for Mike Perry?

It's always interesting to see how a fighter copes with their first loss. At only 25, Perry is still a rising star in this division.

It was clear he went into this fight assuming he would break through Jouban's defense, and, as that was not the case, perhaps he will learn from this loss.

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