The AFC's field of competitors is set for the playoffs, however it's still not clear what the exact order of seeding will be. Two things that are known are that the Pittsburgh Steelers will be the No. 3 seed and the Houston Texans will be the No. 4 seed. Those aren't projections based on anything subjective, but rather straight fact. However, the top seed, the 2nd seed, the 5th seed, and the 6th seed can all switch around still. Here's a look at how things may work out if the betting odds for the games are used to predict the winner.

Three games matter in AFC Week 17

The relevant games for the AFC playoffs total three.

The first one is a pretty big one as the Miami Dolphins host the New England Patriots. Another relevant game is the San Diego Chargers hosting the Kansas City Chiefs. Lastly, the Oakland Raiders will play at the Denver Broncos.

For betting odds, the Patriots, Chiefs, and Broncos are all favored with bet365. The Pats are the heavy favorites at -450, the Chiefs are the middle favorites at -240, and the Broncos are only slight favorites at -125. Those three favorites winning would produce the following playoff seeds.

  • No. 1 New England Patriots
  • No. 2 Kansas City Chiefs
  • No. 3 Pittsburgh Steelers
  • No. 4 Houston Texans
  • No. 5 Oakland Raiders
  • No. 6 Miami Dolphins

Wild Card Weekend would follow

How do things go from there?

That's a matter of speculation, but I don't think the Miami Dolphins like going to Pittsburgh for reasons I've already discussed that have to with Miami's bad rushing defense. The Texans have to love the prospect of playing Oakland following the Derek Carr injury, one that could ruin everything for the Raiders quickly.

If Pitt and Houston won then you'd have Houston at New England in the divisional round and Pitt at KC. The Pitt/KC game might be a bit of a toss-up while New England would probably beat Houston.

Of course, the betting odds don't actually predict winners, they just provide a measurement of opinion. Probably the most topsy-turvy result would see Oakland beat Denver, New England lose to Miami, and then KC lose as well.

That would produce the following:

  • No. 1 Oakland Raiders
  • No. 2 New England Patriots
  • No. 3 Pittsburgh Steelers
  • No. 4 Houston Texans
  • No. 5 Miami Dolphins
  • No. 6 KC Chiefs

In that situation, you would have to think that the Dolphins and Texans would love the chance to play one another for a shot at Oakland. That would happen if Pittsburgh beat KC in Wild Card Weekend. How things actually go will be settled on Sunday. Despite the fact that the NFC looks more exciting for playoff-implication games, there's plenty to hope for in terms of match-ups in the AFC. No doubt, teams will want to be gunning for a match-up against Oakland now that Carr is done.

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