Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn may not be married, but they've been dating for nearly three years, and when it comes to the actress' impact on the Green Bay Packers quarterback, she's been blamed for his estrangement from his family.

As fans saw over the summer, Rodgers' brother, Jordan, the latest winner of "The Bachelorette," opened up about their family feud on the ABC dating competition. While chatting with his dad, Ed, Jordan spoke of his estrangement from Rogers and his dad suggested that fame may have been a major factor

Olivia Munn doesn't get along with Aaron Rodgers' family?

Over the summer, an Us Weekly report claimed Aaron Rodgers' girlfriend had met with his family a number of times, but noted that all of their encounters had gone badly.

In the report, a source claimed the family was at odds, and another source insisted that Rodgers hadn't been swayed by the actress. Still, rumors have continued to swirl online in regard to her involvement in his family feud.

While Rodgers and Munn have remained silent in regard to the feud, they have not been seen in photos with the family in recent years and when Munn was asked about her Christmas plans during an interview this week, she didn't mention anything about Rodgers' family. Instead, she joked about her awkward holiday games.

Olivia Munn has faced backlash on Twitter

At the end of last month, as she shared a Thanksgiving tweet and said she was thankful for her boyfriend, Aaron Rodgers, Munn was targeted by fans who dissed her for allegedly failing to allow Rodgers to see his family over the holidays.

Still, she chose to stay mum on her rumored involvement and decision-making about his life. Meanwhile, on Instagram, both Munn and Rodgers regularly share photos with their fans and in recent months have even set up accounts for their adopted dogs.

Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn began dating in 2014, and while they have faced rumors of possible engagements in the past, they are not engaged at this point and haven't spoken publicly of their future plans.

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