Potential WWE "Survivor Series" 2016 spoilers have hit the internet, with rumors flying about who may win one of the biggest matches on the card. Fans are already giving "Survivor Series" predictions about the match card, including who will win the epic Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar rematch. However, it may already have been revealed through several reputable websites as to who will emerge victorious on Sunday in Toronto.

The "Survivor Series" rumors have pointed towards this being a final match for Goldberg with WWE, but not for Brock Lesnar. In their previous encounter, it was Bill Goldberg getting the win at "WrestleMania XX." Now they'll compete at the annual pay-per-view right near Thanksgiving.

So who will win?

Expected match winner?

The website Cageside Seats has a report via their rumor roundup which gives an indication of who may win this confrontation. Goldberg has already told Brock, "You're last," which would seem pretty definitive that he wants to go out with this "Survivor Series" match as his finale. However, don't expect him to leave 2-0 against "The Beast."

The reported rumor is that WWE plans to have Lesnar grab the win against Goldberg in this encounter. Despite being on the losing end in front of his family and potentially rowdy Toronto fans, Goldberg is also expected to get a big sendoff. Fans are hoping this match will outdo their first fight, and it could very well do so.

What about 'WrestleMania' 33?

With that in mind, what will happen with Goldberg for "WrestleMania 33" next year in Orlando, Florida? It would seem that with a loss in his final match, he may decide to officially call it quits after Wrestling in the bout he wanted. So the smart money right now would seem to point toward Goldberg being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2017 class.

There are probably other superstars who would make great opponents, but he'll be age 50 by then.

If there were a really great opponent to take on, it might be someone like John Cena, The Undertaker, or Roman Reigns. However, there are no real rumors yet about Goldberg having any interest in yet another match.

Stay tuned as this may be revealed closer to "WrestleMania," but for now look for Brock Lesnar to grab a huge "Survivor Series" win and start a push towards another big feud.

Add this match to the rest of the card including Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown with James Ellsworth as the official mascot, and WWE has the makings of an entertaining pay-per-view!

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