During Sunday night's WWE "Survivor Series" 2016 results, one match drawing a lot of interest involved the Raw vs. SmackDown men's teams in action. Bragging rights were on the line between the two brands, after the big WWE Draft separated superstars back in July of this year. In tonight's match, perhaps the biggest stipulation for Team SmackDown was delivered in a chilling message from a returning Undertaker. It was unknown what his warning meant exactly, but SmackDown was put on notice that "failure" would have consequences. So could they escape Toronto with the big "Survivor Series" win?

Team Raw's Canadian love

Two stars receiving big ovations, and rightfully so, were Canada's own Chris Jericho and WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens. The two best friends were on display early and often, making sure they got themselves into the match as much as they could. Early on, Owens started off against the SmackDown champ, AJ Styles, but when he'd had enough in came his friend for the save. Owens showed the love.

In another early spot, Chris Jericho tagged himself in by slapping teammate Seth Rollins' back. Rollins took issue with the concept but allowed it to go forth.

Unfortunately for Team Raw, one superstar on their side wasn't getting much love. As expected, Roman Reigns had plenty of boos during his entrance and in-ring performances.

Raw & SmackDown Eliminations

There were plenty of big spots in this match from both of the major champions. At one point, the Universal Champion showed off his abilities with a huge flying cannonball off the corner area to take out Team SmackDown.

Tensions would break down after that between SmackDown's AJ Styles and his upcoming "TLC" opponent Dean Ambrose.

The two brawled a bit in the ring with Shane McMahon trying to sort things out. Styles struck down Ambrose, though, and Strowman collected an easy slam for the first elimination.

Ellsworth with the elimination?

SmackDown found a way to take down the big monster, though. After Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt took it to him on the outside, Shane-O-Mac hit a huge flying move off the corner to crash through Strowman on the table.

Moments later, Strowman tried to get into the ring to beat a 10-count, but two hands grabbed his legs from under the ring. It was team mascot James Ellsworth!

The consequences were severe for the team mascot, as Strowman beat him up on the ramp and threw him off the stage through some WWE equipment.

It would come down to a Raw team of Owens, Jericho, Rollins and Reigns against a SmackDown team of Wyatt, Orton, Shane, and Styles. However, Kevin Owens made a costly mistake when he came in and hit Styles with the List of Jericho, disqualifying himself.

That would lead to Jericho devastated over his list being messed up which allowed "The Viper" to RKO him for the elimination pin.

Who won the big match?

That left just former Shield brothers Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to take on Randy Orton, Shane McMahon, Bray Wyatt, and AJ Styles. Could Team Raw overcome the odds?

Shane McMahon kept up the momentum for Team SmackDown but got hit in a bad spot. He went for a huge leaping move from one corner to the other where Reigns was laying. However, Reigns leapt up and hit a huge Spear in the air, then tackled Shane to the mat. While Reigns had a pinfall, it appeared Shane kicked out, but soon after the ref signaled for the medics to come out for a legit injury.

Later, Dean Ambrose returned to attack his own teammate AJ Styles. Security tried to restrain him, but soon Reigns and Rollins intervened and helped out their former teammate. The Shield reunited to powerbomb Styles through the table giving Raw a pinfall elimination.

While that helped, Rollins being RKO'd by Orton to allow a Wyatt pinfall didn't. It left Roman Reigns against Wyatt and Orton. He would try to survive alone but ultimately fell to the force known as the Wyatt family. Randy Orton would push leader Bray Wyatt out of the path of a spear, allowing Bray to hit Sister Abigail for the win.

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