After Sunday night's WWE "Survivor Series" 2016 results there will be fans on both sides of the spectrum. However, some interesting questions have been raised by what went down with the way the event was booked. Those lingering questions both came about from the main event matches of the night, leaving fans to wonder what is going to take place as WWE moves towards the "Royal Rumble" 2017 pay-per-view and then "WrestleMania" 33 in Orlando, Florida.

Who were the winners?

It would be hard to say there were too many surprises, although the two final matches seemed to go against the rumor mill. Leading up to those bouts, the other matches seemed to provide good entertainment, but not a whole lot of storylines.

The women's 5-on-5 match opened the show. One story that came about early was Nikki Bella got attacked backstage, leading to Natalya having to join the team. It raised quick speculation that Carmella was involved, but then fans started to realize that maybe Nattie did the dirty work.

Team Raw emerged victorious as it came down to Bayley and Charlotte versus SmackDown women's champ Becky Lynch. Bayley saved her teammate from defeat and then was able to hit a Bayley-to-Belly suplex for the win. A post-match attack by Charlotte will lead to more in their feud as Bayley goes for the title next.

In the WWE tag team bout, there were plenty of cool spots.

Breezango and New Day were quick, early eliminations. The match eventually came down to The Usos taking on Sheamus and Cesaro. The two tag team partners from Raw finally found a way to co-exist and captured a huge win for Team Raw. This was a surprise result as none of the championship teams survived.

Speaking of championships, both titles stayed with their owners at the PPV. The Miz got another assist from Maryse as she rang the bell to make Zayn think he had won. However, the referee said Miz hadn't tapped. Miz took quick advantage by grabbing a sneaky pinfall to retain. In the Cruiserweight match, Brian Kendrick got an assist when Baron Corbin showed up to attack Kalisto.

The two main event matches

This is where the biggest surprises occurred. First up was the men's 5-on-5 match, where SmackDown was fighting after a warning from The Undertaker. That led many fans to believe that someone on Team SmackDown would mess things up. Since Team Raw won the other two survival matches, that became doubtful.

In this match, there were some cool subplots. For example, James Ellsworth hid under the ring and then grabbed Braun Strowman's leg to prevent him from beating a 10-count. That led to Ellsworth being destroyed by Strowman at the top of the ramp.

In another spot which was more scary than cool, Shane McMahon did a high-flying move that resulted in a bad Spear from Roman Reigns.

It ended up with Shane kicking out of a pinfall, but the ref deciding he was unable to go physically as the medical team came to help him backstage.

The Shield reunited as Ambrose was eliminated but came back down to join Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose for a Triple Powerbomb. They sent AJ Styles through an announcers table, leading to a Rollins pinfall.

However, Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton worked intelligently to dispatch of Rollins with an RKO. Actually, Orton saved the day for "SmackDown," as he later took a Spear from Reigns intended for Wyatt.

Bray was able to take control and put down Reigns for the final elimination.

With the win, it leaves things up in the air with regards to Undertaker's message. Will he have a match at "Royal Rumble" or later at "WrestleMania" 33?

Surprise main event finish?

The biggest shocker of the night came from the main event. Goldberg returned to the ring and not only defeated Brock Lesnar, but did so in three or four moves. It gave Goldberg a huge win and the sendoff ahead of the Hall of Fame. The show ended with fans chanting for the heroic icon as he got to celebrate with his son and wife in attendance.

The show was entertaining, but surely has fans wondering "What's next?


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