On Sunday night, the WWE "Survivor Series" 2016 results were surprising and shocking. The main event match featured Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg in their epic rematch which was over a decade in the making. Fans were expecting an epic clash between the two titans of the ring. Surprisingly, it was a very one-sided matchup with the results going in a way not many fans or Wrestling analysts were expecting to happen. Here's a look at what went down quickly in Toronto, Canada at the "Survivor Series" matchup.

Early buildup to the bell

Both wrestlers got huge entrances as they made their way out to the crowd in Toronto, Canada.

However, Goldberg was clearly over this time in Canada, despite all that talk there may be some hate after he hit a bad move which ended Bret Hart's career. The crowd was chanting for him during the pre-show, and once again when it was actually time for his big arrival.

The man who dominated his competitors in WCW and WWE would make his well-known entrance. An officer summoned him with a knock on the door, and then several officers helped escort the dangerous wrestler out to the ring. After sparks flew, Goldberg punched, kicked, yelled, and snorted out smoke as he made his way to the ring.

Goldberg gets a quick advantage

Lesnar clearly underestimated his latest opponent. After the bell rang, "The Beast" tried to take Goldberg to the corner early, but the 49-year-old wrestler responded by shoving his opponent down to the center of the ring. Lesnar was shocked and simply smirked. However, a spear came next and that had Lesnar reeling.

Goldberg would go on to hit a second spear after that and Lesnar seemed to have no response. Moments later, Goldberg hoisted up Brock for his trademark finisher, the Jackhammer.

Moments later, he would slam his opponent down to the mat.

Who won the big match?

In a triumphant comeback, Goldberg not only captured a pinfall win but did so in dominant fashion. All it took was two spears, a Jackhammer, and the 1-2-3. It was a short victory but showed that Goldberg still has it after all this time away.

The post-match celebration saw the best moment of the night as Goldberg celebrated the win with his son in the ring as fans continued to chant "Gold-berg" and his wife cheered them on. The commentators, like everyone else witnessing "Survivor Series" continued to watch in shock but with excitement for the 49-year-old competitor as he made his way backstage.

There will be fans talking about this one for days now, with some complaining about the huge build-up for such a quick match. However, Bill Goldberg has to be happy he showed his son and wife just what he's capable of at his current age. This one will go down in the history books with Goldberg now 2-0 against "The Beast."

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