On Sunday, the WWE "Survivor Series" 2016 pay-per-view takes the spotlight in Toronto, Canada. The event will be full of big time matches including the main event of Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar. This will be a rematch from their encounter over a decade ago and marks the first time Bill Goldberg hits the ring in 12 years. Most fans and analysts are predicting that Lesnar will pick up the win and Goldberg will get a grand send-off ahead of a WWE Hall of Fame induction next year.

There are more matches on the card beyond that battle as there will be an Intercontinental and Cruiserweight championship matches, as well as the 5-on-5 traditional "Survivor Series" matches.

Those matches also bring the potential for some surprise superstar returns during the event. Here's a look at a few big surprises and future matches to consider.

Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown predictions

Probably the biggest match on the card outside of Goldberg vs. Lesnar, this one carries with it a warning from The Undertaker. He returned on SmackDown Live this past Tuesday night and issued a message to the blue brand's team: if they fail, there will be consequences. Basically, the smart opinion is that this will set up a situation in which "SmackDown" fails to win the match and Taker will hold someone on the team responsible.

So far, most predictions for Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown are pointing to AJ Styles being the culprit behind the loss.

That would set up an Undertaker vs. AJ Styles match, most likely for the "Royal Rumble," as WWE rumors that are going around have suggested.

A few new championship winners?

There are two main championships up for grabs at "Survivor Series" 2016. In one bout, Sami Zayn of "Raw" is challenging The Miz from "SmackDown" for the Intercontinental Championship.

Whichever superstar wins the match, brings the belt back to that brand. A lot of fans and analysts feel that Zayn will finally capture his first title since getting to the main roster. It's also being speculated that another title will change over.

That title is the Cruiserweight belt which is currently held by Brian Kendrick.

Kalisto from "SmackDown" will challenge him and if he wins, he not only wins the championship but brings the entire Cruiserweight division over to the brand as well. This would certainly shake up the landscape of the WWE and could give the Cruiserweights a new place to shine with their talent.

Big surprises during 'Survivor Series'?

During some WWE pay-per-views, there's a huge surprise return by a superstar who may have been absent from television for some time. There are a few of those right now being rumored as potential superstars who could show up. WWE could bring one of these superstars out for this event, but they're always hit or miss ideas.

A guy who has been missing in action for weeks now, but who figured into a storyline was Triple H.

"The Game" was the guy who helped Kevin Owens win the WWE Universal Championship. He basically hit a Pedigree on Seth Rollins and gave Owens the pinfall victory. Many fans and Wrestling writers believe that was to set up a Triple H vs. Seth Rollins match in the future. In order to advance this concept, HHH needs to show up during "Survivor Series" and cost Seth Rollins his survival in the tag match.

A few other superstars have been rumored but may be less likely to appear. Wrestling star John Cena is said to be away from WWE programming until sometime in December, and honestly, he doesn't have much reason to show up. If anything, he'll be best used closer to the "Royal Rumble." The Big Show has also been missing as of late and has an impending "WrestleMania" match against Shaquille O'Neal next year, but probably isn't needed for this event either.

Of the names mentioned, Triple H could make sense to somehow cost Rollins being part of the survivors for Team Raw. Otherwise, unless WWE has a major surprise up its sleeve, don't expect to see too much else beyond the current star power on the "Survivor Series" 2016 card.

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