Just a few nights after the WWE "Survivor Series" 2016 results were decided, the "SmackDown Live" brand will be on television. There's likely to be plenty of discussion on the latest show about who was responsible for any losses or wins on the part of the roster. In addition, the title pictures will continue to be unveiled ahead of the next pay-per-view, "TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs" in December and "Royal Rumble" in January 2017. In addition to all of that, Daniel Bryan has at least one superstar to deal with, as well as the potential he'll be running the show by himself in Shane McMahon's absence.

Keep in mind, this article may contain some "Survivor Series" spoilers for those viewers who have yet to watch the pay-per-view.

'Survivor Series' winners & losers

At Sunday's pay-per-view, the "SmackDown" stars had mixed results. The Miz was able to retain his Intercontinental title over "Raw" wrestler Sami Zayn, thanks to Maryse's sounding the ring bell as a distraction. In the Cruiserweight match, The Brian Kendrick also retained his title for "Raw" brand. However, Baron Corbin interfered to cost fellow "SmackDown" star Kalisto the potential title win. That had Daniel Bryan upset enough to tell Corbin he'd deal with him Tuesday night.

There were also three traditional elimination matches in the "Survivor Series" pay-per-view results.

The women's team came down to Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch, with Bliss getting taken out after helping Lynch. That left the women's champion on her own against Bayley and Charlotte. Bayley was able to score the win, meaning Team Raw was victorious. Team Raw also conquered "SmackDown" in the tag team matchup, with Sheamus and Cesaro the sole survivors after getting rid of The Usos.

However, there will be a featured match with the "SmackDown" tag teams competing on tonight's show.

Team SmackDown's biggest win

The biggest match of the night saw Team SmackDown win thanks to Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt.

They were able to take out Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns of The Shield, to capture the big win. However, Orton was the "X-factor" as he took a spear intended for Bray Wyatt. That allowed Wyatt to put Reigns down with his finisher. Will Bray Wyatt have any words for the WWE Universe about the win?

Also, Shane McMahon took a nasty spear from Roman Reigns in the match that had him taken away by WWE medical personnel. This has fans wondering if Shane will even be a part of tonight's show, or if Daniel Bryan will be in charge by himself.

There was also a warning issued to the team by The Undertaker ahead of the match, but it seems there is no failure for Taker to avenge. Will "The Deadman" have anything else to say?

Also, will Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles cross paths after Ambrose helped Team Raw eliminate Styles from the match?

How to watch 'SmackDown Live" tonight

"SmackDown Live" goes live at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on the USA network each and every Tuesday. The show is also available for live streaming online through the USA Network's official website. This only works for cable and satellite customers who have USA channel as part of their package deal.

The free option would require a new customer signing up for Sling TV. This online service offers the USA channel as part of one of its channel packages.

Sling TV has a one-week free trial offer for all new customers, but a valid payment method is required.

The "SmackDown Live" show typically runs at least two hours. One has to wonder what other matches will be set up for tonight's show and for the upcoming "TLC" pay-per-view!

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