As of this past Tuesday's WWE "SmackDown Live," the return of The Undertaker has sparked WWE rumors of who his next opponent will be. While Taker won't be competing during the "Survivor Series" event on Sunday, he has certainly made himself a large factor in the outcome. After issuing a chilling warning to Team SmackDown, Taker has put the entire team on notice. Could that lead to his next opponent for the "Royal Rumble" pay-per-view in January?

The Undertaker's message

Team Blue has their hands full on Sunday with Team Red. It will be Raw vs. SmackDown competing for bragging rights in a traditional 5-on-5 elimination tag match.

While pride is part of the equation, so is a looming warning from Undertaker. He made his big return to "SmackDown Live" this past Tuesday and stood face-to-face with all five members of Team SmackDown in the ring. From there, a man of few words delivered quite a bit.

Undertaker mentioned how he has always felt he was a big part of the blue brand. He also mentioned that it was on this team to deliver the win at the pay-per-view, or else there would be consequences. That has sent the rumor mill into overdrive, with WWE "Survivor Series" rumors that the SmackDown team is going to lose Sunday, and that will give Taker his next opponent.

Taker's next opponent?

With five members on Team SmackDown, a process of elimination can possibly take two people off the list for Taker's next opponent.

Shane McMahon was his most recent opponent at "WrestleMania 32." The two had an epic Hell in a Cell match which Taker was victorious in. It'd be unlikely these two go at it again, but it's always possible.

Taker has also faced Bray Wyatt at a recent "WrestleMania," and was victorious over him as well.

There have been rumors that Wyatt may be involved in Team SmackDown's loss, though. Some are speculating that Wyatt and his new family member Randy Orton will turn their backs on the team and Undertaker will go after Orton for it.

Another possible opponent

The guy a lot of fans want Undertaker to face is none other than AJ Styles.

There's been rumors floating around that it will be these two battling at the "Royal Rumble" in January, with Styles' WWE World Heavyweight title up for grabs. It's a dream match for fans who have never seen these two compete. It would also set up the potential for Taker to win the title and take it to "WrestleMania 33." That would of course set up a potential match between he and returning star John Cena.

Styles would be a fresher opponent, as would Dean Ambrose. The Deadman hasn't really faced either of these superstars in a program. The reason Styles makes more sense is because of his legend in the pro Wrestling world. For a long time there had been rumors of Sting vs. Undertaker, but with Sting hurt, Styles is a great second option.

Stay tuned, as the "Survivor Series" results will shape which way things go with Undertaker's future path!

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