With the WWE Raw Women’s Championship rematch between Sasha Banks and Charlotte, even the preview for WWE “Raw” looks exciting. The last time Sasha Banks faced Charlotte for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship, Charlotte beat Sasha Banks in her hometown to become a four-time WWE champion. This time the two will face-off in Charlotte’s hometown (Charlotte, North Carolina) for what’s being dubbed, “The Queen City Showdown.” In addition to what should be an exciting main event, WWE is teasing several other progressions in storylines.

WWE Raw Women's Championship: Sasha vs. Charlotte

From the their days of NXT to their feud on the main roster of the WWE, these two combatants know each other well.

The title has gone back-and-forth between the duo, and the last time they faced each other was historical for two different reasons: it was the first time a woman's match took place in a "Hell in a Cell" contest, and it was the first time women were ever the main event of a WWE pay-per-view. So tonight's presumable main event for "Raw" should be another great match, and the viewers may witness history again if Banks beats Charlotte to become the champion.

WWE Tag Team Championship: Gallows & Anderson vs. The New Day

The New Day are just weeks away from breaking Demolition's record of holding the WWE Tag Team Championship for 468 days.

Luke Gallows and Carl Anderson are scheduled to face The New Day on "Raw" for the titles, and it only makes sense if they lose the championship. If they don't lose it on "Raw," they will probably lose it before they break the record.

Retaining the titles does little for The New Day. They are already popular and no one cared about the record until the WWE made a big deal about it.

Anderson and Gallows have dominated any territory they have wrestled in. So by beating The New Day it would bring the hated team even more heat, and it would progress them as a dangerous pair to contend with.

Jericho, Owens, and Rollins

WWE reports in their "Raw" preview that Seth Rollins will be looking for vengeance against Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho.

Recently, Owens retained his title against Rollins with the help from Chris Jericho. So it's possible that we may see a tag team match and most likely Rollins would team up with his former partner, Roman Reigns. If that tag match doesn't happen, look for Jericho to face Rollins. This would allow Owens to start a feud with another WWE superstar for his championship

If "Raw" is as exciting as the preview, then the WWE universe is in for a treat.

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