On November 1 2016, former WWE champion Bill Goldberg appeared on ESPN and talked about his highly anticipated return at “Survivor Series.” Recently, it was huge news when Goldberg returned on "Raw." It was even bigger news, although somewhat expected, when he said he would take on “The Beast” Brock Lesnar. The only time Goldberg faced Lesnar was twelve years ago at “Wrestlemania XX.” “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was the special guest referee in that match, and Goldberg walked away victorious. On ESPN, Goldberg discussed his motivation for returning to the WWE.

Why Goldberg is returningto the WWE

On "Raw," and in many interviews, Goldberg has stated that his return to the WWE is because of kids; primarily his kid.

In the ESPN interview, he said that "there aren't enough superheroes left." When asked to elaborate he gave the example of NFL MVP Cam Newton. Stating that if he were the MVP, walking out of a press conference is not the "example he wants to set for people." He also added that he wants to represent the opposite of that, so that kids can look up to him.

Goldberg on Brock Lesnar

Of all the people Goldberg could face upon his WWE return, Brock Lesnar is definitely the top name. Lesnar transcends the sport of professional wrestling.

He is a former UFC heavyweight champion, NCAA heavyweight champion, and the man is a headline magnet. But he is also very, very dangerous. When he ended the infamous streak of the Undertaker at "Wrestlemania XXX," he also gave him a concussion in the process. When he recently faced Randy Orton at "SummerSlam," Orton had to receive ten staples in his gushing head after the match.

So why on earth, at nearly 50-years-old, would Goldberg want to face "The Beast"?

Goldberg may have been out of the WWE for the last twelve years, but he is still a warrior.

He trains constantly in Muay Thai kickboxing and hits the gym nearly every day. And during the ESPN interview he said that he likesBrock Lesnar, because like him, he is a neanderthal. He also said that he plans to put his "fist through his face." Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg willface each other at the WWE pay-per-view "Survivor Series," on November 20, 2016.

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