The Cleveland Indians are on the brink of history as they need to win just one of the next two games to grab an unexpected second straight major sports title for the city of Cleveland. The Cavaliers took the NBA title in June and the Indians could follow the Cavaliers' lead with their first title since 1948. The Indians get their second chance to sew up the series on Tuesday when they face the Chicago Cubs at Progressive Field for Game 6. Here are three things the Indians will need to do to secure the title.

Jake and Josh

The Cubs will send Jake Arrieta to the mound for Game 6 and the Indians will counter with Josh Tomlin.

The Indians won the last time Tomlin took the mound in Game 3 of this series, but he was unable to get out of the fifth inning. Tomlin will need to go longer in this game if the Indians are to win because the bullpen likely will be unable to take the load if he doesn't. If Tomlin can outlast Arrieta then a battle of the bullpens favors the Indians. If Tomlin can last six innings then manager Terry Francona will be happy.

Run baby run

If the Indians are able to get people on against Arrieta then those guys need to be disruptive on the basepaths. Cleveland needs to try and get in the head of Arrieta because it is well known that he is not very good at holding on runners. If the Indians are able to take his focus off the hitters for just a short time a couple of runs may cross the plate and that may be all the Indians need to win Game 6.

Miller time

The game plan for Cleveland is pretty simple, get the ball to Andrew Miller with the lead. Miller has been spectacular this post-season allowing just one earned run in 17 innings of work with 29 strikeouts. He is probably good to go two innings tonight if needed. So if Tomlin can go six innings, Cody Allen can take the seventh and Miller could handle the eighth and ninth.

That formula would probably get the win and the hometown fans would get to see their team celebrate in the middle of the diamond. If that doesn't work there is always Game 7 and Corey Kluber to close out this entertaining World Series.

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