This game was amazing. Flat-out, this was one of the best sports games I've ever seen because it gave every single emotion possible. From thinking it was over when it was 5-1, to Cleveland slowly coming back and your heart was beating just a little faster with every pitch. Then came the rain delay, which turned into a blessing for the Cubs as Jason Heyward called a players-only team meeting and we know what happened after that.

Even just seeing Kris Bryant have a huge smile on his face as he threw the final out to Anthony Rizzo with his mind already being in celebration mode before the out was even made was special.

But through it all, after 108 long, painful, cursed years, the Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions, and this is only the beginning.

What 3-1 series lead?

To the average fan after watching the last three games of this series you would have never guessed that the Cubs would be the team on the brink of elimination. In games 6 and 7 alone they scored 17 runs after being shutout twice in the first three games of the series. This is probably the most inconsistent team in the history of baseball to win a World Series, however, in every series the Cubs played they started off the series slow and then as the series moved into the later stages they broke out.

It just goes to show the Giants, Dodgers, and Indians all had solid game plans toneutralize the Cubs hitters, which through the first 3-4 games of each series worked pretty well.

The great aspect is that not only were the Cubsable to make the adjustments, but that their pure talent and skill was too much for teams to hold down over a seven game series.

How good is this team?

Well obviously they're World Series Champions, but lets be totally honest here, they played some really bad baseball in not just this series, but the whole postseason, and still ended up winning.

The Indians put up a great fight and everyone on that team should be proud of theresiliency they showed, especially in that game seven when they could have just rolled over and died. But the Cubs beat a higher end mediocre team that absolutely got hot at the right time with their fantastic bullpen and Corey Kluber pitching the way he did.

If they had Carlos Carrasco, Danny Salazar, and Micheal Brantley fully healthy then they would have been able to finish this series.

The Cubs won playing mediocre baseball through most of the playoffs until they got red hot at the right time in each series. Now it's very hard to play consistently in baseball, but just imagine if the Cubs could play like they did in games 5-7 throughout the postseason. We're talking about a team that could steamroll to a World Series going 11-1 or 11-2 along the way. They're so much better and especially younger than every other team in baseball that we could absolutely be about to witness a dynasty.

But until then, 108 years of waiting is finally over, and Arizona Cardinals, you're up next.

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