The 2016 World Series is about to play out game 7, which is the the final game of the big MLB championship series. If you are planning to actually go to the stadium to watch this old-fashioned ball game, you won't be paying old-fashioned prices.This game is far from a cheap spectator sport, with the average person probably having to take out a second mortgage on their home to get a seat at the 2016 World Series! This is not an event that your grandpa would recognize after getting a gander at the ticket prices.

Forget about the peanuts

Once your grandfather gets a look at the MLB tickets for game 7 he will more than likely stop singing his song "Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the park." He'll have to forget about buying any peanuts or Cracker Jacks, after he's just spent $20,000 to $25,000 for a seat!

Those peanuts will probably set you back a week's salary if they coincide with the hike in seating prices!

There's always a standing price that's a bit more economical at $1,000 per person, according to CBS Sports. That $20,000 will get you one seat in the Diamond Box, so if a family of four wants to sit there, you've spent the kid's college tuition for a couple of hours to watch the World Series final game. According to the L.A. Times, on Wednesday morning the seats on the upper level, which are reserved seating, were going for $25,000 and they were located "deep in left field."

The kids didn't need a college education anyway!

CBS Sports reports that the "median current listed ticket price" is $2,600.

This will allow you to sit in one of the many regular seats. For a family of four at the median seat ticket price it will still set you back over $10,000 for an evening out, which is probablythe same price for about a year's worth of groceries.

Ticket prices fluctuate

Despite the high prices, the tickets have been selling and according to Ticket City,seats forgame 7 of the World Seriesare beckoning some of the highest prices for tickets that they've seen in many years.

The Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians will play for the MLB top title tonight as winners of the World Series.

The ticket prices for the MLB World Series went up and down like the stock market from last night and through the day today. According to the Chicago Tribune, there was a spike in ticket prices for game 7 while the teams were still playing game 6 of the World Series on Tuesday.

The cost of tickets did level off some, as they were down by about $500 dollars by morning on Wednesday.

Predictions have the tickets more reasonably priced at around $1,100right before game time.One of the draws for this game is that both teams have not won a World Series in decades. According to the L.A. Times it has been 68 years for the Cleveland Indians and a whopping 108 years for the Chicago Cubs. The Times also reports that the Progressive Stadium tickets for the Cleveland game were still on sale today.

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