Expect a hard fought game between the Oakland Raiders and the Houston Texans on the last Monday Night Football game before Thanksgiving. This game is unique because it will be hosted in Mexico. With all factors considered, let's break down the match-up.

Raiders -6

The difference in quality between these two teams is intense, and it won't be as close as last Monday night's game. The Raiders will put up points no matter where they play, whether on the road or out of the country. But how will Mexico factor in on the players? They will be playing in Azteca Stadium, but the NFL hasn't played in Mexico since 2005.

The stadium is more than 7,000 feet above sea-level, which is incredibly taxing on the endurance of the players. This is also coupled with the heavy pollution that is giving the Azteca Stadium some controversy. No matter what circumstances, however, the Raiders will score. The Raiders has one of the best offensive lines in football and is primed to seize control of the toughest division in the NFL: the AFC West.

Under 45

The stadium is a problem for the players due to the pollution and altitude, so the location will also cause the game to go under the 45-point total. Both teams will be playing on the road, even though the Raiders is technically considered the home team. Because the Texans averages a total score of 11.5 points per road game, can the Raiders put up at least 33 points?

If this weekend is any indication, the game is going to go under the total, as 10 of 11 games have gone under before Sunday night.

NFL games played in foreign countries can bring a number of distractions to a football team and their players. With Monday Night Football being in Mexico City, it's difficult to say with any accuracy how the game will play out.

However, the Raiders has a habit of finding improbable solutions to its problems, turning its franchise from losers to winners overnight. Coach Jack Del Rio is proving his worth in Oakland, making clutch calls and putting the utmost faith in his team. But the most important reason why Oakland will win is that it is simply enjoyable to watch, unlike the Los Angeles Rams.

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