The Cleveland Browns look to salvage some sort of consolation to their otherwise depressing season this Thursday, as they face off with the Ravens in Baltimore. However, it's looking more and more likely that they will finish the season 0-16, joining the '08 Detroit Lions as the only teams to lose all 16 games in a season. Maybe the system is rigged against them, or maybe it's their own fault for having the worst team in the NFL.

Double-digit point spread

The Ravens have opened up as a 10 point favorite to win, which isn't a good sign for the Browns and their losing streak. After their performance last Sunday against a banged up Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Ravens will look to take sole possession of the AFC North with a win on Thursday.

Last year showcased a 25-20 Ravens win over the Browns, so it will be interesting to see if the Ravens can cover the double-digit spread on a Thursday night prime time game with a tumultuous Joe Flacco.

Flacco has played all 8 games this season after suffering an ACL tear that ended last season prematurely. So far, he's thrown 6 touchdowns to 7 interceptions and over 2000 yards, which is mediocre for the former Super Bowl champion. Flacco will match up against rookie Cody Kessler who, despite the fluctuating play time, has thrown 5 touchdowns to just 1 interception. When Robert Griffin III came into Cleveland, it looked as if the Browns had finally found their starting quarterback after a dizzying QB carousel.

But bet on the rookie to come into his own and solidify his QB position on this young Browns team.

The Browns will win at least 1 game

No matter what, you shouldn't bet on the Browns going winless this season. Slip ups happen in the NFL and sometimes the undeserving team finds a way to win. The Browns have a very challenging schedule remaining in the season, as they still must face off against the rest of the competitive AFC North, but look for them to pick up a win at home in week 15 when they host the San Diego Chargers.

It's the perfect scenario to ensure the Browns break the losing streak within the current season. Since both teams won't be in the playoffs, they will be playing solely for the sake of pride, but no one should underestimate the motivational power of pride.

As for betting on the Ravens to cover a 10 point spread, it just seems too high.

These teams are division rivals and play each other twice a year, so they're obviously familiar. Expect things to be closer than you think. If you want to shake things up, take the Browns +10 and hope for a slug fest. Hopefully the referees don't blow any calls like they did in the Bills-Seahawks game.

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