Super Bowl LI is quickly approaching and with it, a multitude of analysis and assumptions on which teams will make the championship game. While analysis is valuable on guessing who will make it, everybody should be hoping for a rematch of the XLIX Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. The game on Sunday proved that point, as the Patriots lost to the Seahawks 24-31, coming down to the wire with Seattle holding strong on 4th and goal to preserve their lead. These teams share many qualities that separate them from the rest of the league, consistently shattering expectations and delivering on pulse-pounding excitement.

The goal-line

It seems like every time these two teams meet, the game hinges on performance on the goal-line. In Super Bowl XLIX, Seattle blew a chance to take the lead, opting to throw the ball instead of running with Marshawn Lynch. Well, you know how that story goes. The Patriots were in a similar situation on Sunday, opting to throw a fade to Rob Gronkowski instead of handing the ball to LeGarrette Blount. What resulted was a controversial no-call, in which Gronk was begging for pass interference, but did not appeal. The referee saw that both players were initiating plenty of contact and honestly the call could've gone either way, but the no-call was the best call to make at the time. This isn't to say the referees haven't blown plenty of calls in the season already.

Instead, the Patriots suffered another home defeat this season, an unusual feeling for fans in Gillette stadium.

Costly turnovers

Both these teams understand the importance of protecting the ball, especially since the other team will undoubtedly capitalize off of turnovers. That was exactly the difference in this game.

The Patriots simply gave the Seahawks too many chances, from a Brady interception to an Edelman fumble. The winner of these rematch games is the team that takes care of the ball and performs on the goal-line.

As a result, whenever these two established franchises take the field to do battle, expect an entertaining and hard-fought football game.

No matter which side you align with, every football fan can rejoice when these two face-off. With powerful head coach match-ups between Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll, both teams have all the pieces to meet again in Super Bowl LI. Or at least we should hope so.

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