Vasyl Lomachenko is a rapidly rising star in the rankings of featherweight Boxing, where he's taken on a variety of opponents who for one reason or another, weren't that serious about boxing. Despite all the talk from his opponent, Saturday night had a combination of initial opponent "worthiness" with a bar by Nicholas Walters, when they both went for seven rounds at Las Vegas' Cosmopolitan. It seemed for once that Lomachenko's search for a challenger was finally underway with Walters, whose blows are said to be so powerful, that he's called the axe-man. The fact is that Lomachenko dominated the fight, forcing Walters to bow out by the seventh round.

From the beginning of the fight, Lomachenko was light and fast on his feet which helped him gain an easy advantage on Nicholas who was too slow to react. By the time Walters was looking for him, Lomachenko was gone. This was consistent throughout the entire fight from which Walters simply couldn't recover, before he went to his corner stool to call the whole thing off.

Quitting is the greatest sin

Lomachenko has a lot to fear from a fight with Walters, should the "axeman" have landed any of his brutal punches. The Jamaican fighter is well-known for his harsh blows which are said to land like hammers.

One only has to look at the past fights like the one with Salido to know it's true. But his flawless record was not enough to save him from a crowd of boos when he decided not to go on. At the same time, this shouldn't be surprising as it seems that Nicholas hasn't been giving much of himself to the sport lately.

Earlier this year, he turned down the initial offer to fight Lomachenko saying that he wasn't being offered enough money to fight him, for which Lomachenko even offered to give him his earnings to make it worthwhile but Walters didn't go for it. All of this seems to point to more shallow reasoning as to why he makes some of his decisions, such as quitting after seven rounds.

Boxingbuzz seems to have accurately predicted that Walters would lose the fight, as they pointed out Lomachenko's speed and strange combination of moves that would have an advantage over Nicholas. But no one could have predicted that Walters would simply give up.

Nicholas Walters lacks fighting spirit

Some people have reasons to continue to do what they do. But for Nicholas Walters, the only thing that motivates him is the paycheck, which is a sign that he needs to start making his way towards the exit, as he can't be motivated to win otherwise. Last year, he already lost his belt for being overweight and so he'll need to fight harder than usual to get back it back. But that alone might have been the beginning of the end for him, as he doesn't have the fight in him to keep on going, earning the experience Vasyl has over him.

Walters even acknowledged this months before Saturday's fight, when he was busy trying to do the math as to how he could come out on top, as he wasn't going to get the 1 million he demanded. Apparently, the way he figured it, he would need to knock the Ukrainian out to make it worth it.

Vasyl Lomachenko has crossed the threshold

The paths between Vasyl and Nicholas are very different now. While one is going to need more guidance to go down theirs -- at the risk of being abandoned altogether, the other goes in the direction of taking on another champion who just beat Orlando Cruz on the same night. That champ being WBO lightweight belt holder Terry Flanagan. Back in June Flanagan said he would look forward to fighting Vasyl, were he to move up in weight class.

At the time, Vasyl had already moved up just days before, from featherweight to super featherweight. Could his next fight be with Flanagan for the lightweight? Since Vasyl is said to be the fastest amateur boxer to advance in classes, taking on Flanagan could be part of his normal pattern of advancement. It should also be noted that what upset boxing fans even more about Nicholas Walters quitting, was that he wasn't even hurt.

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