The NFL rebounded in ratings last week amidst a lack of politics. If the last-second games are any catalyst going forward, the bookies will be keeping things tight, so look to pick up points where you can.

Bills +3 at Bengals

Cincinnati looked awful on Monday Night Football against the giants. They're showing signs of becoming the most overrated pick of the preseason, besides Arizona. The Bills, however, have to play the Patriots twice a year and are often overlooked due to Rex Ryan's fluctuating demeanor. But the Bills boast the 2nd best rushing game in the NFL and are 9th in points. They will have no problems putting up points on the Bengals.

Dolphins -1 at Rams

The Rams beat the Jets last week, not scoring a single touchdown. They are fundamentally flawed on offense, so the Rams are starting Jared Goff in an attempt to bring some pizazz. But Goff has proven that he can't hold onto the ball, so Miami is bound to get a few turnovers. With a short field, Ryan Tannehill becomes much more bearable on offense. Tannehill went 17/24 for 240 yards, 2 touchdowns and no interceptions last week against the Chargers, so his stock is up.

Titans +3 at Colts

The Titans have scored at least 35 points in their last 3 games. Against the Colts' defense, it won't be hard for Marcus Mariota to keep up the momentum. So this raises the question: can the Colts score at least 35 points to keep up with the Titans?

Well they put up 34 in their previous meeting and won that game on the road. But the Titans are on the upswing and you can't buy momentum in the NFL.

Redskins -2.5 hosting Packers

Oh, boy. The Pack are much worse than anyone foresaw. Aaron Rodgers is in decline and his relationship with coach, Mike McCarthy is in disarray.

The Packers are stuck in a spot between a great coach and a great QB, but they have to pick one. If it comes down to it, Rodgers will be the one with a job. The defense looks clueless and devoid of any real leadership. The Redskins did a fine job last week, beating the Vikings 26-20. That's the kind of team the Redskins are when Kirk Cousins doesn't throw the ball to the other team.

Look for the Packers to fall to rock bottom before any change occurs.

Cowboys -7 hosting Ravens

Here is the game of the week, even if it doesn't quite look like it. The Cowboys have arguably the best offensive line in Football and the Ravens have arguably the best defensive line. I don't think one side will truly dominate the other, but the Cowboys o-line will be walking out with a solid win. After Tony Romo gave an emotional concession speech to Dak Prescott, the team is ready to hit their stride before waltzing into the playoffs.

I'd expect a good weekend of football, especially after a great game on Thursday night.

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