The NFL is having one of their best years, despite the drop in ratings. Final scores are some of the closest we've ever seen. With this in mind, taking the points in these match-ups isn't necessarily a bad idea. However, taking the favorites this week may be more lucrative.

Bears -2

This match-up started with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at -2, but the spread has shifted monumentally. With a full 4 point swing, the Bears are now favored on the road after Jay Cutler proved he wasn't a just a walking corpse, beating the Vikings 20-10 before heading into their bye-week. This means everyone's taking money on the Bears.

Coming off from his thumb injury, Cutler threw for 252 yards and a touchdown against a solid Vikings defense. That performance coupled with the preparation from the bye-week looks promising for the Bears against a poor Buccaneers defense.

Redskins -2.5

The Redskins are favorites as they host the Minnesota Vikings for the week 10 match-up, opening a consistent spread at -2.5. The Vikings can simply find no answer on offense, as they scored only 36 points total over their last 3 games. While Kirk Cousins is bound to make mistakes at the hands of the Vikings defense, turnovers won't nearly be as costly when the other team can't score. The game is going to come down to special teams play, and with the spread at a perfect -2.5, expect the Redskins to win by a field goal.

Patriots -7.5

The Patriots host the Seattle Seahawks in Gillette Stadium after the Seahawks come off the short week. Originally, the spread opened up at a massive -9.5 for the Patriots, but many people thought that was too many points, so the spread shifted to -7.5. That's a big shift, but the Patriots would have covered the spread originally.

Brady is on fire with 12 touchdowns to 0 interceptions and the Patriots are lethal at home. The rematch between Sherman and Brady should be fun to watch but this game is a no-brainer. Or at least it should be as long as Richard Sherman and the Seattle secondary don't stop Brady.

If you're in need of a few NFL picks this week, then compare and contrast a few recommendations to pick your best odds at winning this week!

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