Tony Romo, the long-time face of the Dallas Cowboys, suffered an injury early in the pre-season. The development seemed to spell doom for Dallas and their 2016/17 efforts. However, Dak Prescott has so far stolen the show in the QB position in Dallas. Due to that, the gossip to date in the NFL has since turned to one simple question: what will the Dallas Cowboys do when Romo returns?

Tony Romo called a "healthy scratch," "backup"

The Dallas Cowboys head into Week 10 with a 7-1-0 record. They play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday afternoon (4:25pm ET) and Tony Romo is reportedly an option. Writing at CBSsports on November 11th, John Breech claimed that "The Cowboys veteran quarterback was fully cleared to play earlier this week." Breech, in his Friday article, then proceeded to describe a situation in Dallas where the Cowboys simply don't want to play Romo: "The decision to make Romo a healthy scratch means the quarterback will miss his ninth game of the year."

A more-recent article by Will Brinson from Saturday morning updated the news at the same website.

He calls the Romo situation "for Sunday up in the air" and depicts a sidelined Romo on Sunday as suited up but on the sidelines as a "backup" with Prescott in playing. "Romo," according to Brinson, "...just wants to win a Super Bowl. Disrupting the locker room or causing a stink just isn't a Romo move."

When it comes to the Romo question, I really think the Cowboys' hand is played by the ages of the two quarterbacks and the injury history. Romo is late 30s, Prescott is a rookie. If this season is at all about the future then the latter is the player to give experience to. But even if you look at the short term, arguably you can't pull Prescott at 7-1-0 in favor of an injury-prone veteran that could be below game speed right now.

I think the smartest thing to do would be to give Prescott the start and try to get Romo some action if the score permits it late in the game.

The Cowboys are coming off a huge road win

The Dallas Cowboys thumped the Cleveland Browns last weekend in a road game. In the broader term, Dallas have shortened quite a bit when it comes to NFL antepost and the playoffs -- winning seven straight will definitely cause that.

A couple weeks ago I found the Cowboys at +1200 to win the Super Bowl with William Hill, odds that I argued seemed a little long in a article. William Hill now have Dallas at +900 in Super Bowl futures, behind both the New England Patriots and the 5-2-1 Seattle Seahawks.

The situation in Dallas certainly isn't ideal and rumors that Romo could head to the Jets aren't helping.

However, I think he should stay where he is. You have a rookie QB that you can't pull because he's winning games. Those wins are heading him and his team toward the playoffs, somewhere you don't really want to go without some more experienced players around. Arguably a Romo/Prescott kind of QB tandem is a good match for the Cowboys right now, one that balances developing a rookie for the future while staying in the moment with veteran leadership.

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