According to some timelines on the Tony Romo injury, the star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys is supposed to be back playing football this weekend. Romo broke a bone in his back during the pre-season and hasn't taken a snap since. According to Ryan Wilson, writing at on November 3rd, it will be Dak Prescott that takes snaps against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday: "Week 9 is upon us and Prescott will be under center," Wilson wrote on Thursday. "That's not because Romo has lost his job, but because the 36-year-old still recovering."

Romo's lengthy absence should be raising eyebrows now that his injury-recovery time is being extended.

The injury and developments arenow starting to remind me of the Carey Price injury in the NHL last season with the Montreal Canadiens. Price suffered an early-season injury and his timeline to return kept getting extended further and further until he finally missed the entire season. I would not be surprised if there is another extension on the horizon and the whole situation shakes my confidence in the two-QB look that the Cowboys allegedly have.

Romo may not be effective uponreturning

Wilson makes a very good point in his article when he states that "Whenever he's medically cleared to play, (Romo will) need time to get used to the speed of the game." The veteran isn't just going to jump off the sidelines and starting playing like a Pro Bowler again.With the recovery-time and the fact that we're entering the second half of the season, Dallas' 2016/17 season looks like it could bePrescott or bust.

Romo heading to the New York Jets?

Trade rumors or changes of some sort with Tony Romo are persisting. In an October 21st article I examined them and stated that "Any team that takes on Romo must factor in not just his talent, but the potential that the talent could be dormant on the sidelines due to injury." According to the Wednesday gossip from NFL 360 Roundtable Romo's future might be up north.

Kim Jones suggested that he would be a good fit with the New York Jets.

But even if Romo remains sidelined for who knows how long, the Cowboys would probably be smart to keep him helping in some capacity. The Dallas Cowboys are 6-1 and, keeping in mind that some teams have made the post-season with only six wins, the notion of them missing the playoffs is easily dismissable at this point.

That creates a situation where you have a rookie Prescott heading to some big games without big-game experience. Romo being ready for the post-season or even on the sidelines in a headset helps Dallas more than trading for a low pick, in my view.

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