With the Chicago Cubs' 3-2 game five victory thanks to an 8-out save by Aroldis Chapman, they've extended their season one more game, but this time it will be back in the home of the Cleveland Indians. The last time the Indians won the World Serieswas back in 1948 so no matter what someone's going to make a lot of history over the next two days, but this is exactly the scenario that Major League Baseball could have hoped for.

Get those ratings going

On Monday it was announced that game five of the World Series in Chicago beat out NBC's Sunday Night Football by a huge 32% margin in terms of ratings.

What makes that even more shocking is the SNF matchup featuring the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles, which would probably be the best ratings pull of any SNF game all season.

Well if the MLB is looking for even more ratings than the situation of the Cubs, who haven't won a World Series since 1908 trying to fight back from a 3-1 series deficit now have to go on the road to Cleveland who's fans will be going insane with a chance for their team to win the World Series at home is something they couldn't have drawn up any better.

It's hard to even imagine what it would be like if the Cubs forced a game seven, the ratings would be astronomical as a game seven would honestly be the most important game in not only MLB recent history, but perhaps in the history of baseball.

Game six first

Before we get on the hype train of a potential game seven the Cubs will have to win a tough game on the road, but fortunately for them Jake Arrieta will be on mound facing Josh Tomlin of the Indians. Arrieta pitched extremely well in game two, throwing 5.2 no-hit innings, while allowing a run on two hits afterward.

Tomlin on-the-other-hand is already the man for what he did in game three after the news broke about his father beingparalyzed, and then going out to throw 4.2 scoreless innings.

The other news is that since we're moving back to the American League format Joe Maddon can move Kyle Schwarber back into DH position, which the Cubs desperately needed.

Still, the fact that the Cubs are trying to rely onSchwarber, who's still trying to fully recover from his injury when they have all of their other weapons sounds like losing baseball.

Either way, baseball fans could really be in for a treat with these potential final two games of the season, along with the agonizing heartbreak if you're rooting for one of these two teams as well.

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