The last business of the year in terms of male Tennis was solved yesterday in Zagreb having Croatia and Argentina fighting for the title in the Davis Cup. To highlight the magnitude of this encounter it`s enough to add that even the great soccer legend Diego Maradona was in the crowd supporting his nation.

Prior to the clash, Croatia had the upper hand as the final was held in front of the home crowd. Still, Argentina also had its part of support with hundreds of Argentine fans in the stands. Croatians were about to wrap things up in their favor but each time, Juan Martin del Potro balanced the table.

The 4th match of today was the tipping point of the final with del Potro making a tremendous effort. Being 2 sets down against Marin Cilic, del Potro somehow found the key to success, claiming the victory at the end of a nearly 5 hour match. The 5th match saw Delbonis making a great run against Ivo Karlovic. The 37-year-old Croatian had no chance and surrendered in 3 sets, allowing Argentina to take home the first Davis Cup trophy.

Del Potro is the biggest gain of the ATP Tour

Having a great start in his early 20s with a huge win at the US Open 2009, del Potro had the misfortune of being injured for too long. But 2016 has been quite a story for him with a tremendous race towards the summit of the ranking.

In just a few months, he climbed up around 1000 spots in the rankings and also grabbed a silver medal in Rio. The context of his revival is also strange as he took some huge breaks over the past years due to ongoing wrist injuries followed by surgery and recovery.

It is fair to say that the ATP Tour has found one of its once most promising assets.

Ranked inside the top 50, del Potro will be a constant threat for the top players especially in the first part of 2017.

His latest results are not random

In 2016, del Potro constantly improved his game. And some progress is still to be done. In the Davis Cup, his 2 wins in the singles matches against the Croatians were merely a natural follow-up.

In the semis against Great Britain, he also crushed Andy Murray in a 5 set thriller.

At some point, some feared that his extended schedule may cause some issues to his wrist but things went well with no concerning medical issues. Once again, especially against Marin Cilic (Croatian no. 1), his genius was on the tennis court in a vivid way. Del Potro did huge damage with his blistering forehand. His solid and brutal game was garnished with a spectacular tweener-lob making the crowd go wild.

If 2016 was more like an enthusiastic ride, for the following season things will be a bit different. The Argentine tennis star will have enough points to defend and a lot of people to persuade that his genuine comeback is the result of work and motivation rather than faith and luck.

Besides, he is already 28, so time is not on his side if he still wants to leave his mark on the ATP Tour.

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