Incredibly the Chicago Cubs managed to beat the Cleveland Indians in game 6 of the 2016 World Series, evening things up and setting up a winner take all contest in game 7. Whoever wins, the Cubs, who have not won a World Series in over a century, or the Indians, the real winners of the most memorable baseball contest in living memory have been the ticket scalpers and resellers. According to Yahoo Sports, a ticket to the climatic game of the World Series will cost anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 depending on where you happen to sit at Progressive Field. Standing room, according to Sports Illustrated, is just shy of $1,000.

The inflated price is simply a function of supply and demand. The lucky people who have enough money to get in to see the game live will be able to boast until their last day on Earth that they were there when history was made. Either the Cubs will win and thus end a 108-year long drought, or they will fall just short, breaking hearts across Chicago. People will be telling World Series stories for decades to come. Even those who watch the game in their living room or neighborhood sports bar will have memories that last a lifetime.

Baseball rivalries, a uniquely American phenomenon, are at once charming and uplifting. In an era of political mendacity, chaos both abroad and at home, and the degradation of professional football by entitlement-addled players disrespecting the flag, the fact that baseball endures is a comfort.

A fan from 1908 would be quite at home watching the 2016 World Series, the shock of electronic scoreboards aside. America’s game is played pretty much as it was a century ago.

Baseball has been America’s gift to the world. The spread of soccer, a pseudo-sport imported from abroad, is an unfortunate product of globalization.

Generations have grown up playing the game in back lots and empty streets, learning the lessons of teamwork and sportsmanship. Ronald Reagan, the most American of presidents of the 20th Century, got his start broadcasting baseball games. As long as the sport endures, America will abide.

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