There`s been a lot of talk regarding the matter of consistency for a professional Tennis player. In women`s singles, that particular topic seems quite strong as unexpected results have seen top players being upset by low ranked players. Some argue that it enhances the entertainment side of the game thus giving all competitors a decent amount of chances to shine at some point on the WTA Tour.

With that in mind, it` s not that hard to notice that a 25-year-old Romanian made one of the greatest runs in the past seasons in terms of consistency. Once she entered the top 10 WTA she remained there with minor fluctuations.

Simona Halep stood still as a rock

Back in 2013, the young Romanian hope made her breakthrough in the WTA Tour by winning six WTA titles. In the early stages of the next season, she broke the top 10 barriers and made a name for herself. With her ranking at a steady place, she turned out to be one of the most popular characters in the WTA Tour.

Despite having troubles with form and a series of injuries, each time, she managed to bounce back. She ends this season as world no.4. It`s a small setback compared to the previous season when she finished the year as world no. 2. Back in 2014, she ended as world no. 3.

For many, Simona Halep is still far from her peak form. In order to maximize her potential she must find a way to keep her emotions in place.

Her partnership with Darren Cahill seems the right choice but things are not perfect yet especially during the Grand Slam events where coaches are not allowed on the tennis court during the matches.

Halep deserves credits for her playing style

Simona Halep can brag about being one of the best baseliners on the WTA Tour.

She is well known for her defensive skills as well as her powerful ground strokes. And the opponents always need to hit an extra shot if they want to destabilize her. By being one of the shortest players on the WTA Tour, Halep successfully exploited the leverage given by a low gravity center and she always seems to create herself opportunities to hit the proper shot when needed the most.

With 14 WTA titles already in her pocket, in 2017 she is expected to make an even greater run. All that she needs is a little maturity and extra cleverness during the big moments.

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