Saturday night's Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe match highlights for "NXT Takeover: Toronto" set the bar for the upcoming WWE "Survivor Series" 2016 pay-per-view. The two competitors went at it in the main event with the NXT Championship on the line. Nakamura previously defeated Joe to take the belt, but now the "Samoan Submission Machine" was hungry to regain his prize.

The match has people talking and even suggesting some interesting new "Survivor Series" rumors for Sunday night's PPV in Toronto. Here's a look at how the results went down for this epic NXT rematch between two of the top stars from the NXT roster.

Shinsuke's grand entrance

A Shinsuke Nakamura main event match wouldn't be right without a proper entrance. Once again, the NXT star got a stellar introduction, thanks to accompanying violinists playing his theme music. The champ eventually entered the ring where several performers were playing their instruments. Nakamura savored the music and the moment.

As beautiful as the entrance and music were, that would not prepare Nakamura for what was ahead. A vicious competitor in Samoa Joe was soon out to the ring to start the main event and try to recapture the championship belt Nakamura claimed from him.

Joe and Nakamura each had plenty of good spots. At one point, the Samoan flew out through the ropes to crash through his opponent on the outside floor. The damage done by that move could be felt by WWE NXT viewers in the front row as well as those watching from the comfort of their homes.

Nakamura landed his share of moves as well, including chops, kicks, and suplexes.

Basically, the champion gave everything he had to this fight. It was completely necessary, given his menacing opponent.

The fight went everywhere

It wasn't their first encounter and this time they were really putting it all out there physically. While the fight started mostly in the ring it eventually moved to the outside.

At one point, Nakamura was able to toss Joe into the crowd area. The two would continue their NXT Championship battle right in front of the seated fans giving them a close-up of the action.

Shinsuke absorbed some punishment from Joe in the crowd, but eventually staged a comeback. As Joe attempted to bring him back towards the ring, Shinsuke countered and whipped his larger opponent over the crowd barricade.

Samoa Joe is new NXT champion

Late in the match, Nakamura landed a kick to Joe's head that sent him out of the ring.

Both Shinsuke and the referee went to the outside, but Joe was ready. The ref got pushed aside during a scuffle and Joe kicked Nakamura between the legs. From there, he bounced Nakamura against the ring steps, similar to the move he did weeks ago to injury Shinsuke. Once they were back in the ring, Joe did his Muscle Buster and collected the pinfall and the title belt.

With that, Samoa Joe is now the new NXT Champion. This will make for his second reign with the title. It has also led to some strong speculation, mostly from fans, that maybe Shinsuke will make a huge surprise appearance at the live 'Survivor Series' PPV on Sunday night?

That seems like it would be a bold move, as WWE tends to save a debut of his magnitude for the "Raw" or "SmackDown" TV show viewers.

NXT fans, what did you think of the championship match between Nakamura and Joe? Are you happy with the outcome? What's next for Nakamura?

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