Once you reached 35 years of age while competing as a professional Tennis players, the expectations have to be a bit lower. In women's tennis, the list of players around this age value is rather thin with only 2 athletes competing with success. There is no doubt that the Williams sisters are some unique characters in terms of endurance. While Venus who is the older sister lost her top level a while ago, Serena Williams remains at the top. Still, in 2016 she went down, losing the WTA leadership following the US Open upset.

Of course, many people wonder how she is still able to find motivation after all these years of raw success.

Serena has won every major award in women's tennis

With a career like hers, to retire from professional sports at this age should come as a natural consequence. Her career highlights are so many that it's hard to choose between them. With 22 Grand Slams in singles, and 14 in doubles alongside her sister Venus, Serena is by far the best of her age and maybe in the whole history of the sport. In fact, there is a glitch, as she currently shares the 22 Major record with Steffi Graf. Maybe this is the reason to push for more. If she will prevail once again in a Grand Slam event she will find herself standing alone at the summit. And that might be the proper moment to take a step back.

In this matter, her body would agree, as she played injured for the most part of 2015.

Back then she was on the verge of winning all 4 Grand Slams in a single season. That dream came to an end at Flushing Meadows when no one saw it coming.

Serena would make room for other players to have a chance to shine

If and when she will put an end to her career, a huge vacuum will emerge. And that might be a golden opportunity for other glory seekers on the WTA Tour.

For example, throughout this season, a weaker yield from Serena, gave a chance to Angelique Kerber or Garbine Muguruza to shine. While Muguruza is still in her early 20s and she will probably have other chances too, for Kerber it was the perfect timing as the German is already 28 years of age. In the upcoming seasons, that list might grow as well.

Currently ranked as world no. 2, Serena Williams is expected to make her return in Auckland, New Zealand in the early stages of January, in what may be her last season as a professional tennis player.

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