Serena Williams, who recently turned 35-years-old, finished the year in the unfamiliar position of World No. 2. Part of that is due to a shoulder problem that she had late season, one that kept her out of all events post-US Open. That missed time entailedmissing some big tournaments, like the WTA's tour finals. However, America's top player remains busy and she discussed some of her business in a recent Twitter post.

Serena Williams' recent social media activity

According to a November 3rd tweet, Serena was shooting a Gatorade commercial a few days ago."I am on the set of a Gatorade commercial in Florida," she claimed in the recently-tweeted video (which can be viewed toward the bottom of this article).

She also stated in the footage that she felt like she had to wear "a winter coat" to fight off 'frigid' 75-degree Fahrenheit temperatures. Among her checklist of things to do besides shooting the Gatorade commercial was giving a speech for Chase and then heading to Los Angeles and then heading back to Florida.

On Saturday she updated her Facebook page a couple times. In the first post she looks like she's being fixed up for something special as she struggles to keep a straight face in preparation for some kind of message (seen immediately below).

Serena is known for dabbling in all kinds of different outfits and styles. A more recent post shows a selfie of her dressed up in contrasting attire that looks more like a clubbing outfit of some sort (seen immediately below).

Nothing happening on the court at the moment

As for on-the-court news, the WTA is currently in its off-season meaning that there would be no developments out of Williams even if she was 100% fit. Tennis fans are going to have to wait for a couple of months for the start of the Australian Open to see her contest meaningful matches.

Currently Williams is the outright favorite to win Melbourne Park, even despite being 2nd-ranked behind defending-champion Angelique Kerber (source: bet365). The next edition of the Australian Open from Melbourne Park doesn't start until January 16th, 2017.

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