Sammy Watkins has dominated headlines today thanks to his impending return from injury. The Buffalo Bills placed the star wide receiver on IR with possible designation to return in the later weeks of the season. Watkins was unable to return to practice this week, but would likely be able to play in later games in the season. But is it really worth it?

Should the Bills Bench Watkins for the Year?

What's the real benefit that the Buffalo Bills will get from bringing Sammy Watkins back? They might get a dynamic playmaker back, but the risk of another significant injury is far too high for this to be a great idea.

And what was his production before this injury anyway?

Watkins had exactly six catches for 63 receiving yards in the two games he played. Those aren't exactly Pro Bowl numbers. Without him, the Bills have had to turn to Robert Woods and others at the wide receiver position. How did Woods do in his last game? All he did was catch ten passes for 162 receiving yards against one of the best defenses in the league in the Seattle Seahawks. Still, it's pretty obvious that the Bills are hurting at wide receiver and have weak options in Walt Powell and Justin Hunter at the position.

Is the Team Better Off Without Him?

The answer to this question is obviously no, but only when Watkins is fully healthy. Even after his injury, the Bills managed to focus more on the running game and ripped off three straight double digit victories in which the offense shined without him.

The first two weeks of production from Watkins were so weak that it's fair to question if the Bills offense is better off without a hurt Sammy Watkins.

And that's another reason why the team should keep him sidelined for the rest of the season. Keep giving players like Robert Woods, Charles Clay, and Marquise Goodwin more chances to grow in the offense.

The Bills probably aren't going to make the playoffs this year anyway.

An Unlikely Playoff Appearance.

The AFC is so much better than the NFC this year that the Bills have likely been eliminated from the playoff race already. The AFC West has two teams with seven wins already and almost every single playoff team in the race has a better AFC conference record than the Bills.

So why bother risking the health of a player like Sammy Watkins when his production won't matter much anyway?

The Bills might have placed him on IR with a designation to return in mind, but they would be smart to keep him out for the rest of the season and preserve his health for 2017 instead.

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