Sam Bradford might have completed more than 80% of his passes, but the numbers don't tell the full story. Bradford might have completed 31 of 37 passes, but he threw for just 224 passing yards. Almost every single throw by the Vikings quarterback traveled less than ten yards in the air, a trend that cannot continue if the Vikings hope to make the playoffs this season. And the final Vikings offensive play of the game encapsulates everything that Bradford has been so far as a starter on the team.

A Disastrous Ending.

The Vikings defense had just managed an impressive stop and forced a Detroit Lions field goal.

That meant the game was tied when the Vikings offense received the ball. Either the team would drive downfield and score, or they would give the ball back to the Lions with a tiny amount of time left. Sam Bradford instead chose neither option. Here's what Bradford chose instead.

What a disaster. The Vikings should have at worst headed to overtime after this play. Instead Sam Bradford simply handed the ball and the win back to the Detroit Lions. And it's plays like these that have the once undefeated Vikings on the verge of missing the playoffs once again. And that means it's time for a change at the quarterback position.

Time to Bench Him?

It seems ridiculous to suggest, but isn't actually too bad upon further examination. All Bradford really does is complete five yard routes to running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends. It's not too hard to replace that. The Vikings even have someone on their roster capable of making the same types of throws as Bradford.

Shaun Hill should be the starter until Bradford can prove that he values and wants to take care of the ball. Hill started eight games for the Rams in 2014 and has plenty of experience as a starter in the NFL. He hasn't been quite good enough to be a starter in the NFL, but Bradford's poor play means that he deserves a chance.

Even if the Vikings choose to continue starting Sam Bradford, they should recognize that he is the problem of their team. Conservative throws will never get a team like the Vikings to the playoffs. The Vikings can't rely on their defense forever and should take steps to either replace or bench Sam Bradford immediately.

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