For over a year, UFC fans across the country have been asking the same question. Will Ronda Rousey come back to the UFC? This question has been answered for a couple weeks as UFC president Dana White announced she would be headlining UFC 207 on December 30, against women's bantamweight champion, Amanda Nunes. However, she has remained quiet in the media, so fans were wondering what her mindset was. For the fans watching the UFC 205 weigh ins, they were able to see without her saying a single word.

Rousey comes face to face with Nunes, and looks simply terrifying

One of Rousey's biggest strengths has been her ability to defeat an opponent before the fight even happens.

Her mental strength is as good as there is by any athlete in any sport, and in her loss to Holly Holm, she didn't seem to be herself. At the UFC 193 weigh-ins, she was emotional and screaming, something she had not ever done in her career. When it came to fight Holm, she played right into Holm's strength, and it cost her dearly. On Friday night in New York City, that was not the case, and that could be really bad news for Nunes next month.

She appears to be in terrific shape

When Rousey and Nunes were staring at each other, it was nearly impossible not to notice the size of Rousey. She is incredibly stronger for her size, and appeared to hover over the champion. Nunes in her career is known to be an extremely fast starter, but once she gets fatigued, she has struggled.

While Rousey will have to be ready to go from the beginning, if she is able to withstand the first attack, then she could get back to being what she truly is, the UFC champion.

While getting the belt back is her number one goal, don't be surprised if she calls out Cyborg

The women's fight everyone wants to see if Rousey against Cyborg.

This has been a fight talked about for years, and the window is closing every single time these two fight someone else. This is the type of fight that could challenge records when it comes to pay-per-views, something you can bet Conor McGregor would definitely keep an eye on. This is the dream match-up, as it comes to game plans and using each other's strengths against their opponent's weaknesses.

Simply put -- this is as big of a fight as there is in the fight game. Obviously that is looking ahead, but seeing Rousey's face in New York City, she is ready for this fight.

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