There comes a moment when even the greatest have to take a step back. An iconic player in Tennis history, Roger Federer saw himself sidelined for the most part of 2016 as a result of some annoying injuries. With just a handful of ATP events played in 2016, the Swiss had no chance in keeping his ranking as high as he used to.

Now, as the season is almost over and the line is drawn, Roger Federer will see his ranking going down on an unprecedented scale. Starting from next Monday, he will step outside the top 10 for the first time in more than a decade.

Federer failed to defend his previous results

Back in 2015, the 35-years-old star made a prodigious run as he was the only one able to put up a real fight against Novak Djokovic. Indoing so, he earned thousands of points ceding the 2nd place in the ranking for the most part of the season. It turned out to be a recipe for disaster as in 2016 he failed to level up his previous year. As a result, his harvest was doomed to extinction as well as his solid ranking.

The nightmare might not be over as the first Grand Slam of 2017 means another semifinal to defend. It is clear now that Federer went on a bumpy road with little chances to regain his spot.

A low ranking means more danger at the draw

A good position in the ATP rankingguarantees an easier path to the higher stages of a tournament.

On Monday, when the new ATP ranking will be published, Roger Federer will come up in the 16th position. With such a low status, in the next draw ( possibly at the Australian Open in January), he will be on a harsh road as he might face top-seeded players like Wawrinka, Nadal, Djokovic or Murray even before the quarterfinals.

In terms of show and entertainment, it will be great having such matches in the early stages, but for Roger Federer, it willmake things much more difficult as they already are.

The cost-benefit relationship between working hard for a high ranking status and an accessible draw pays off indeed, but Roger Federer will no longer benefit from it.

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