There is no possible way to keep Roger Federer far from public scrutiny, or far from Tennis. With a poor run in 2016 due to some injuries, Federer saw his ranking going down in a slump but that was not enough to put his activities on hold. Besides being one of the pivotal figures of men`s tennis in the past decade, Roger Federer made himself a name working in charity.

Back in 2002, the Swiss put in place the ''Roger Federer Foundation'' with the main purpose of helping children from Africa. According to the numbers, there are around 275 000 children both from Africa and Switzerland who are receiving support via Federer's foundation.

Federer will team up with Murray

Besides various donations and financial contributions, in order to expand its reach, the charity foundation benefits from charity matches featuring tennis stars. This time, it`ll be Andy Murray to take part in a charity match against Federer. The meeting is set to take place next year on April 10 in Zurich.

Roger Federer will face Andy Murray in a best of 3 sets encounter. Initially scheduled on November 22, the meeting was postponed. Today, the tickets for the event are hitting the market and they will be available for purchase. Also, it`ll be the 3rd time that Zurich will host such a charity event having Federer as the headliner. All the revenues generated by this particular event will be directed to the foundation.

Federer returns to Zurich

This charity event it is known as ''The Match for Africa 3''. Back in 2010, it was Rafael Nadal who partnered with Federer in a double match event. The first took place in Zurich and the second one was held the very next day in Spain by Nadal's foundation. It was a double rubber, each player winning the match played on their home soil.

''The Match for Africa 2'' was also held in Zurich back in 2014 with Roger Federer confronting with Stan Wawrinka, his fellow compatriot and friend. It was a match won by Federer in 2 tight sets.

Each time, Federer played in these exhibitions match with a charity purpose only, the event was sold out long before being played.

It is expected that tickets will be sold out immediately as Andy Murray is one of the most popular players on the ATP Tour, a hard-earned popularity, especially that he was forced to live in the shadow of Federer, Nadal or Djokovic for years. But now it seems that the timing is perfect as Murray made a prodigious run and stole the ATP crown from Djokovic.

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