Roger Federer spent the most part of 2016 dealing with injuries and recovery. First, it was a knee problem followed by surgery, then it was an old recurrent issue with his back. Earlier this year, on August 8, he turned 35, an honourable age for the Swiss champion. It is this matter raising the question regarding his future as a professional Tennis player.

Recently, Roger Federer said that he is eager to hit the tennis court once again, but his desire might not be enough to bring joy and satisfaction in return.

A dull comeback might put his career to rest

Within the ATP Tour, the landscape has been changed as other players came up to the surface.

The ATP rising stars along with some old names like Murray or Djokovic are holding the headlines. In this particular climate, it is fair to ask yourself if there might be some space left for Roger Federer, especially after a long inactive period. For a professional tennis player not playing on a high level for months might be frustrating. Besides, during the grass swing including Wimbledon, Federer was far from his usual sharpness. He was also competing following a long inactive term.

This time, it will be a genuine test both for Federer as well as his fans. His fans are not that easy to please as they have witnessed to some of the greatest achievements in tennis history. How patient his fans will be ?

And for how long?

There is a scenario in which Roger Federer will return to the ATP Tour as expected. Let`s say that his results will be way below expectations, even mediocre. At that point, the Swiss might consider an earlier retirement. Not to mention that if he plays with little success then his ranking will drop at a staggering pace.

Federer remains a role model

No matter how his future as a professional athlete will look, Roger Federer built himself a solid brand. He is maybe the greatest player in history with those 17 Grand Slam titles in his pocket. He is involved in charity with a prolific foundation carrying his name and ultimately he is a family guy having a complete family with a wife and two pairs of twins.

So, when he will quit tennis there will a lot of priorities to take care of.

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