In an unsurprising turn of events, the Bills were completely screwed over by the referees at the end of the first half in Monday night's game. The call isn't even remotely surprising to Bills fans who have suffered poor officiating for the entirety of their playoff drought. But the two calls at the end of this game by the referees were particularly egregious.

Dan Carpenter Gets Roughed.

The Bills attempted a field goal that was badly missed, but Richard Sherman very clearly jumped offsides. And he did not only jump offsides, but also roughed the kicker on the play. The video hasn't been posted yet, because the NFL obviously wants to censor all content related to bad calls.

But the Twitter reactions to the play say a lot about just how ridiculous and unfair it was for the officials to blow this call.

And that's not all that you need to know. Because Carpenter was injured on the play, he was not allowed to come back in by the referees. So Richard Sherman was rewarded for injuring another player after he went offsides? Will someone please tell me how exactly that makes sense?

The Bills were able to get around this insane rule by spiking the ball as quickly as possible. Dan Carpenter then nailed the field goal, but were called for a delay of game penalty. Not much attention was drawn to it, but this call was also a mistake.

Why the Delay of Game Penalty Was Incorrect.

The referee responsible for setting the ball for the center to snap left with approximately four seconds on the play clock.

That's not a reasonable amount of time for any team. If that had been the Patriots, the play clock would have somehow been reset to 15 seconds and the field goal would have also counted.

If you're a Buffalo Bills fan, you have a right to be angry right now.

The referees blew two consecutive awful calls that should have given the Bills three points before the end of the first half. Instead the Bills are down 11 points and feeling poor about the future referee treatment they will likely get in the game.

Fix the Refereeing!

I've been a proponent of making penalties reviewable for a long time now and am still on that bandwagon. Everyone in the ESPN studio agreed that it was roughing the kicker and a review would have confirmed that. And the referees would have also been able to see just how unreasonable that delay of game penalty was. It might slow the game down, but it's way more important to get the calls right.

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