As the NFL continues to expand their brand internationally starting with scheduled regular season games played in London, inlcuding three so far this season, the league continued to expand their popularity outside of the U.S. border by having week 11's Monday Night Football matchup, which features the AFC west leading Oakland Raiders and AFC south leading Houston Texans, played at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, Mexico. This will mark only the second time an official NFL game has taken place in Mexico and the first since the last decade.

Futbol Americano

Dating back to the 1920's, American Football, or Futbol Americano, as it's called in Spanish, in Mexico has been played by kids and university students and over the years has developed a strong following in the country.

Throughout the history of the NFL, there have been several Mexican-born players, like Raul Allegre, the placekicker who won two super bowls with the New York Giants, and hall of famer Tom Fears, who was a wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams in the 1950's. Currently, there are no Mexican players, but there are a lot of Mexican-American players in the league, like Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Between 1986-2005, the NFL hosted a series of pre-season games, called the American Bowl, that were played in different countries. Mexico was the host country in six of them, with five in Mexico City and one in Monterrey. Other international cities that hosted an American Bowl game include Tokyo, Japan, London, England, and Barcelona, Spain.

The first regular season NFL game in Mexico took place on October 2, 2005 in Mexico City and featured the Arizona Cardinals defeating the San Francisco 49er's 31-14. With this match coming to Mexico City, fans were in for a treat as two top AFC teams faced off each other with high expectations.

Raider Nation lives on

The game got underway with the Texans taking the first snap and quarterback Brock Osweiler led the offense down the field with three first downs before being stopped with a fourth down. From there, with 8:37 left in the quarter, kicker Nick Novak nailed a 32 yard field goal to put them up 3-0 to start off.

The Texans defense managed to hold off the Raiders offense in the beginning, especially keeping quarterback Derek Carr from gaining more yardage. The second quarter started off with the Raiders coming back, as, on third and seven, Carr passed to Jalen Richard, who ran 17 yards to the end zone to give them the lead. After recovering a fumble during the kickoff, the Raiders extended their lead on a 19 yard kick from kicker Sebastian Janikowski. Everything was quiet for a little while, but Osweiler put the Texans back on the board on a pass to Braxton Miller, who ran it for 12 yards. Everything was quiet the rest of the way as the half ended with the game tied 10-10

When the third quarter began, the Texans showed signs of still being strong, as Osweiler led the offense down the field, and set up for a pass off to Lamar Miller, who squeezed his way in for a touchdown and to give the Texans the lead.

Carr managed to get three first downs in, before Janikowski came in again and kicked for 20 yards. The Texans added to their lead in the fourth quarter as Novak kicked 28 yards and the Texans took the lead 20-13. The Raiders however proved they wouldn't leave willingly, as Jamize Olawale, got the pass from Carr and ran it 75 yards to the end zone. With 4:51 left in the game, the Raiders sealed the deal and took the lead on a 27 yard run from Amari Cooper and won the game 27-20. With the win, the Raiders advance to 9-2 and are one win away from clinching a playoff spot. The Texans meanwhile still lead the AFC south, but fall to 6-4. In the end, Raider nation fans went home happy and it gave Mexico something exciting to watch.

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