Once you get older as a Tennis player any wrong step or unfortunate event incurred may jeopardize your career sooner than you can realize. In the past years, Rafael Nadal had plenty on his plate in this regard. The injuries reached him at such a recurrent pace that the Spaniard struggled more and more in order to get himself back on the right train. His earliest injuries were easily overcome with multiple successes following after. But. once he got older, the equation was subject to a dramatic change as he failed to fully recover and regain his lost glory.

Nadal is set to play in Abu Dhabi

Between 29th and 31st of December, in Abu Dhabi there is scheduled a tennis event featuring some of the most prominent faces on the ATP Tour.

Amongst them, the presence of Rafael Nadal, which is a bit surprising as the Spaniard canceled all the remaining events of 2016 including the Masters 1000 in Paris as well as the ATP Finals in London.

As it is an exhibition event is expected that those who participate will not put a huge amount of effort. For Nadal, it`ll be the proper chance to test his body for whatever will come in 2017. Having so little success in the second part of 2016, the former ATP no.1 needs to take any possible rehearsal as a preparation for the next season.

Nadal is rapidly fading away

Through reaching his peak form when he was around 20 years of age, Rafael Nadal became a unique tennis player in this modern era where an athlete aims to reach the summit in his mid-20s.

Having won the French Open as a teenager, Nadal set the bar for himself as high as possible starting from the early stages of his career. And that might be the reason for his latest decay. While Murray and Djokovic ( both 29 years of age) are still thriving, Nadal who is a bit older seems to have consumed all the available fuel.

With Andy Murray as the new world no.1, it seems that the current era regarding the men`s tennis is getting closer to its end. A few years from now, there`ll be no Nadal, Federer, nor Djokovic or Murray and Wawrinka.

With all the latest struggles, Rafael Nadal is sure about one thing - his legacy will stand firmly with those 14 Grand Slam titles as proof.

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