Monday Night Football is trying to not become mundane night football by featuring a match-up between the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Giants. The Giants are favored by 2 points and will have a chance to solidify their playoff hopes by fitting into the wildcard slot. It's still early, but I doubt the Giants can beat the Cowboys for sole possession of the NFC East, so wildcard it is. The Bengals on the other hand at sitting at 3-4 and with a win, will remain competitive in a tight AFC North race between the Ravens and the Steelers, as the Browns are the joke of the league.

Offensive Match-ups

The Giants are touting the 6th best offensive line in the NFL, while the Bengals are a measly 27th. This is a huge discrepancy, as I am a firm believer that offensive lines win football games. The passing and scoring stats between both teams is almost identical, however the Bengals have an edge on the Giants in the run game. In fact, the Bengals are 7th in the league in rushing yards, but only 21st in scoring. The Bengals are quick to get down the field, but when it comes to redzone touchdowns, Cincinnati is 52% in production. They have to make the most of their opportunities if they have any chance of beating the Giants. A key match-up to watch for is between Odell Beckham Jr.

and A.J. Green. These are two prolific receivers that will make the opposition pay for any mistakes in the secondary.

Defensive Match-ups

The Giants have a terrific defensive line, with Jason Pierre-Paul leading the charge. But the Bengals are making an effort to revamp their own d-line, so they brought in Wallace Gilberry, a veteran that's familiar with the Bengals' system.

With the total set at 46 points, I would recommend not to bet the total in this game. The bookies picked things just right with the total and the spread, but there always has to be a winner.

The verdict?

Sit back, relax, and just enjoy a tight game between two desperate teams in hopes for a playoff run.

This game is too tight to call, but upon being forced to choose, I would pick the Giants -2. They're at home and have plenty of offensive weapons to make this an exciting game, so tune in on Monday to see for yourself. Hopefully, the game proves to be as exciting as the election this week, so look for the NFL's ratings to rebound now that everyone's back to normal.

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