Let me just start off by saying this game was sure to be exhilarating for Steelers and Cowboys fans. With the Steelers losing their past three straight games before tonight I was very excited, as well as on edge about the impending game against the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have been the underdogs for the past several seasons, to say the least. This year they have become one of the major bandwagon teams that a lot of people are jumping on. With that being said, let's jump into the highlights, lowlights, and the overall amazing game that the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers brought to America.

The First Half of Steelers vs Cowboys

As the first half started out we saw the usual players on both teams get out on the field. We also saw how the game was going to play out and the strategy both teams would use to their advantage. The Cowboys couldn't stop the Steelers from making their first two touchdowns and taking the early lead at 12-0, but they did manage to keep them from scoring a two-point conversion. Twice. Then we watched the Cowboys take the ball and score. This is the moment where we watched how the tone of the game would be set. Eliot also managed to make an 83-yard run and score a touchdown, something that the Cowboys haven't been able to do since the 70's. For the remainder of the first half, the Steelers and the Cowboys played a tug of war back and forth between who could take the lead over who and how far they could make it.

By halftime, the Steelers had the lead over the Cowboys.

The Final Score: Cowboys Win

At the start of the third quarter the Steelers had the ball and again the game resumed with the Steelers and the Cowboys scoring back and forth. Both teams did their best to push for long drives, yet several times the Cowboys had to take field goals.

Not to mention the several two point conversions the Steelers lost throughout the game kept the score tight. At the end, with the clock running down in the 4th quarter the Cowboys made their second to final touchdown and with 1:55 left on the clock it was time for the Steelers to play hard or lose big.

Big Ben and Brown managed to get that touchdown to put them in a one-point lead against the Cowboys, and of course with :42 left on the clock they tried one more time for that two point conversion. Again they failed. This is also the first time this season that the lead has changed seven times in one game. With the Cowboys rushing to take the lead again the Steelers did more than make it easy for them when they got a 15-yard penalty for facemasking, which allowed the Cowboys to get their final touchdown and game-winning score of 35. The Dallas Cowboys and their fans couldn't be more ecstatic right now as this is the first time since 1977 that the Cowboys have had an eight-game winning streak.

For Steelers fans, though, they will be kissing that AFC Playoff's position goodbye. At least for the near future, some of them will be thanking Sean Davis for that missed opportunity. Read more about the predictions for the NFL games from a fellow Blasting writer here and here.

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