The Philadelphia #Eagles may have lost one of their receivers and a talented return man in Josh Huff, who was arrested on Tuesday morning for speeding and was in possession of marijuana and a gun. Details are still emerging on the matter and there is no telling at this moment how serious the charges are. The Eagles have already released a statement.

Josh Huff arrest details and Eagles reaction

Huff was reportedly on the Walt Whitman Bridge that extends from Philadelphia to New Jersey on Tuesday morning when he was pulled over for speeding, according to Stephen McKenzie of CBS.To make matters worse, Huff allegedly had marijuana and a gun in his possession; although it isn't known how much marijuana he had and if the gun was legally owned.The 25-year-old is now being investigated by the Camden County Prosecutor's office.The Eagles have released a brief statement in the early stages of this investigation:

"We are aware of the incident today involving Josh Huff.

At this point, we are gathering more information."

Impact of Josh Huff's arrest on Eagles

Thankfully for Philly, there wasn't a lot riding on Huff. As a receiver, Huff totaled just 72 yards on 13 receptions, with two touchdowns (one was via a 98-yard kickoff return). At best he was a fourth option for quarterback CarsonWentz.Huff's real value came in the kick return game. He had the aforementioned 98-yard kickoff return against the Minnesota Vikings and was emerging as a reliable returner with explosive, big-play ability. In that sense, the Eagles have lost something; however returners are easily replaced in the NFL these days.

The fallout of Josh Huff's arrest

This looks to be a pretty bad situation for Huff, a former third-round pick in his third season.

He will likely be facing a suspension from commissioner Roger Goodell and that's the least of his worries. Huff may also face jail time or at least probation if the charges are serious enough. It might be awhile before we see him on a football field again.

Philadelphia will likely cut bait with Huff.

With just 48 receptions for 482 yards and four scores in three seasons, Huff hasn't lived up to the value of a third-round pick and doesn't make enough of an impact for the Eagles to deal with his off-the-field issues.In a season where the Eagles are surprising everyone and building a team that is going in the right direction, the last thing head coach Doug Pederson and company need is a distraction.Huff's problems are just that and it would be shocking to see the Eagles hang on to him for much longer with all the negative press a player's arrest can bring.

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