The Philadelphia 76ers aim to engage with esports participants by training and developing them to perform like professional athletes on the theater platform. The franchise will ensure that eSports competitors will obtain developmental resources as the rest of the Sixers basketball players to appeal the audience around the nation.

Developmental resources for e-sports competitors

The Sixers, a member of the National Basketball Association who became the first professional sports team in the United States to acquire two eSports teams, Team Dignities and Team Apex, offered a variety of new resources -- doctors, sleep experts, nutritionists, and sports psychology -- to aid competitors to manage the physical and psychological factors.

"In the past, we have not had access to anything like that," president of Team Djgnitas Michael O'Dell said in an interview with Fox Business on Tuesday. "Coaches have only really come in the last few years. Sports psychology and nutrition, that's only really starting to happen. This is a big reason for me for wanting to partner with the Sixers, having access to their ability and their knowledge in that respect is really important."

Due to a demanding travel schedule, eSports players confronted a physical and mental challenge. They experienced the burnout when they traveled across the country for the following contest. To prevent competitors from getting a burnout, they can keep themselves in shape through sleep experts and nutritionists, while others seek a major performance boost through sports psychologists.

e-Sports industry is eager to sell competitors to mainstream audience

While eSports franchises have successfully increased fanbase, they struggled to market "crossover appeal" competitors to mainstream audience. CEO of eSports franchise Echo Fox Jack Hall noted in August that without a crossover star power to captivate the mainstream audience is the issue.

Currently, the industry working on getting players to achieve the mainstream audience is the ultimate goal.

The longtime marketing executive for the Echo Fox anticipates the 76ers to work with the Team Dignitas as a partner to establish events that will advertise Sixers basketball players as well as Team Dignitas competitors in order to broaden the fanbase throughout the nation.

Projection of eSports

eSports has come down as one of the fastest-growing sports industries in the world. Developing competitors to boost performance, increasing marketing efforts, and drawing media attention play a significant role in the success of the industry. Newzoo, a market research firm, estimated that the industry generates $493 million in revenue this year and is expected to generate $1.1 billion by 2019.

The audience has grown decently. The firm foresees that the audience will rise up to 215 million from 148 million. The industry needs to regard eSports competitors as professional athletes rather than hobbyists in an endeavor to boost the viewership.

eSports players to compete in the Olympics is a possibility

International Olympic Committee (IOC) has approved gamers to participate in a pop-up competition, managed by International eSports Committee, that took place at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The organization previously proposed IOC to consider eSports the next the Olympic sport in the future. The IOC will initiate a evaluation process in 2016 of December.

Due to industry's growth and success, mainstream sponsors and news networks have been following the eSports events. The mainstream companies -- Anheuser-Busch InBev, Geico and Pizza Hut -- propel million dollars to sell products on eSports. Thus, the Olympics would be a great avenue for video game players to draw the fanbase, especially among millennials, in the future.

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